25 07, 2017

The curious (and sad) case of Lucas Perez

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It's the curious case of Lucas Perez that I want to talk about today, because it's an unusual one from an Arsenal perspective, particularly when it comes to Wenger. What's jogged me into focusing on our wantaway Spaniard is the supposed comments he's made to the club about being unhappy and wanting to go back [...]

15 07, 2017

An Alexis compromise reached, as rotation takes effect in Sydney

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It's Saturday morning, about thirty minutes before kick off in Australia for the second pre season game of the season, and I'm blogging. Have you ever done something that you know will be redundant the second you've finished it? That's me right about now. It's like vacuuming your house and steaming the wooden floors before [...]

27 06, 2017

‘Catalyst for change’ or ‘Apathy for the same’?

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I wouldn't worry too much about finding any more info here. I got nothing if I'm honest with you. I'm running out of steam with Arsenal and I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to have to stare at so much of the footballing abyss.  It's amazing really. About three months ago I couldn't wait [...]

10 06, 2017

Ollie G needs big name competition for his place

By | 2017-06-10T11:18:39+00:00 June 10th, 2017|analysis, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, Attack, gooners, Gunners|2 Comments

How about Ollie G and that goal last night, eh? I don't usually bother with international football, but given that one match was distilled in to two brilliant moments for Arsenal fans - a great strike from our centre forward and a total howler from the Spurs keeper, I was happy to see my Twitter timeline filled [...]

30 05, 2017

Arsenal’s formation evolution

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All Arsenal-related eyes today will be firmly fixed on that board meeting in which the manager's future will be discussed and the decision as to whether he stays or goes will finally be absolute. Lord knows we've all been waiting long enough to find out, but whilst speculation, hearsay and conjecture have all been the [...]

3 05, 2017

Arsenal’s run in – the numbers don’t look good

By | 2017-05-19T19:51:01+00:00 May 3rd, 2017|analysis, Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Rant|0 Comments

Morning. How are you doing? Still licking your wounds from Sunday?  Yeah I know. Me too.  It's probably a good thing that there's a bit of quiet coming out of the club this week. They're all probably wrapped up in their bubbles somewhere. As for you and I, we have to deal with Tiny Totts [...]

29 04, 2017

A cagey affair awaits on Sunday, despite what Arsène says

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Lots of things to get through from yesterday's press conference, so there's some 'cracking on' to be had, I feel. First and foremost, the team news, which sees Koscielny as rated as 60% to play on Sunday. I'll be honest and say I like those odds, because we need Laurent to be available to hold [...]

19 04, 2017

Poor Jacky; will a formation change alter summer plans?

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Poor old Jacky Wilshere, eh? If reports are to be believed he's gone and smashed his legs to pieces again, which leaves him absent for the final run in, returning to Arsenal early and probably even more up in the air about his future. Timing wise it's an absolute stinker. He has 12 months left [...]

14 04, 2017

Creative Arsène contract questions

By | 2017-04-14T08:43:05+00:00 April 14th, 2017|analysis, Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, contracts, gooners, Gunners, premier league, press conference|0 Comments

Alright? Happy Good Friday to you, which is probably not quite in keeping with the purpose of Good Friday, but there you go. Last night I sank a bottle and a half of Spanish red, as well as going for a long run this morning, so I'm taking Good Friday as it's intended...penance...or something like [...]

13 03, 2017

Confidence restoration; Ox injury saves a selection decision

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Had a bit of a heavy Saturday this weekend after the Lincoln game, which effectively wrote off my Sunday and even the ability to stare down a computer screen to compile some thoughts, so I thought I'd leave it and put something together on Monday. And here we are. We already know three out of [...]