12 02, 2019

Ramsey exit confirmed. What next?

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Morning guys and gals. Hope you're all well. As well as can be given that last night Ramsey's confirmation as a Juventus player in the summer was confirmed by Ornstein, then Ramsey himself, then Juventus, then the club. It marks yet another example of what I honestly deem negligence on behalf of the club that [...]

3 01, 2019

Pepe, Cahill and Under, but Unai must work with what he’s got

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Morning all and welcome to the most murkiest time of the year - the January transfer window. It's a time in which rumours are rife and agents get paid and let's be honest although we all like shiny and new things it's a time in which people get a little bit more tightly wound, are [...]

16 11, 2018

Ramsey situation isn’t like Alexis, so Bayern is palatable

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Happy Friday people. Hope it goes well for you and your kin. Me, I'm toiling in the boredom levels of no Arsenal to think constantly about, but the fact I have my folks over for the weekend and the fact The Management and I are doing a bit of tourism in London tomorrow is keeping [...]

27 10, 2018

Unai keeping a level head is good for all Gooners

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The Thursday night footballery that we saw means that this is another Saturday with which we all spend collectively with our families and friends. I'm going to the Royal Mail Postal museum. But it does also mean that we get to have a bit of a digesting session on Unai Emery's words which, if I'm [...]

19 10, 2018

Holding holds his space as Emery remains guarded on form and Rambo

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Proper football is finally coming back on the agenda and with it we're getting some lovely little sound bites from our man Unai. Ahh I can't tell you how much I've missed being able to talk about upcoming Arsenal. I don't know why but this particular international break has felt like a bit more of [...]

28 09, 2018

Time to phase out Ramsey from Arsenal

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I like Aaron Ramsey. I like his energy, the spaces he occupies, the goals he has scored and I think a fully fit Ramsey is a massive asset to the team. So whilst my title is provocative in a sense, it is 100% how I feel and is not indicative of me being a 'Ramsey [...]

29 08, 2018

Nelson and Lacazette out the door?

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With all of the hoo-ha of the start of the Premier League I think most of us had forgotten the fact English clubs can't become embroiled in an end of August transfer scrap on Friday. It's been refreshing to know that there won't be any destabilising of players as the season starts. Well, that is [...]

21 08, 2018

Ramsey contract/bench links are tosh

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Howdy folks, hope you've started your day in a positive fashion, reading through messages of Dennis Bergkamp who yesterday in 1995 signed for The Arsenal and went on to become a legend at the club. Thierry will always be my king, but Dennis is god. That's how it is with Arsenal fans. As for modern [...]

16 08, 2018

Arsenal Deadwood sequel to pave way for Ramsey signing?

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Happy Thursday y'all! It's technically still summer in the UK but given the drizzle that has engulfed my particular corner of the world, you'd never have guessed it, because it's looking pretty grim. As grim as Carl Jenkinson's hopes of getting out of Football limbo, where he currently resides, too expensive salary-wise to leave Arsenal [...]

6 08, 2018

Chambers, Ramsey, Holding and fearing City – wobbly with a week to go

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We're less than a week before the big kick off to the Premier League so perhaps inevitably, what with the transfer window shutting on Friday too, Arsenal are suddenly looking less than perfect when it comes to preparation with the new season. I'm talking of the Ramsey situation of course, but also of the Calum [...]