30 03, 2017

Alexis’ underlying threats should force Arsenal’s hand

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What with the lack of domestic football, players going across the world and us as fans left to stew on the recent poor form, what we really needed was a star player giving an interview in his homeland laced with cryptic messages. Alexis was interviewed in Chile after their 3-1 win and noises started permeating [...]

27 03, 2017

Non-existent Arsenal succession planning

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I've got to be honest with you, I thought we might get some sort of snippet coming out of the French press from Wenger with regards to this new deal that we all know is coming, given that he'll have been commentating on the French national team this weekend. The fact that he hasn't said [...]

23 03, 2017

Contract balderdash from Arsène and Arsenal players

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Before I go all Arsenal on today's proceedings, I'm sparing a thought for the families of those people who lost their lives or were badly injured on Westminster Bridge yesterday, not least because if that would have happened six months ago, I might have been in the thick of what was going on. Westminster Bridge [...]

20 03, 2017

Arsène’s self-awareness

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After the weekend's debacle and manager's subsequent inevitable denial that his players don't lack effort at the moment, last night we had rumour and counter rumour with regards to Arsène's future. Usually at this time of the year it's the build up to the transfer of contractual sagas of the players, but the press have [...]

15 03, 2017

PR spin at Arsenal? Or succession planning?

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It seems the Arsenal PR machine is now in full swing, with some of the 'behind the scenes' noises surrounding the management team at the club, suggesting that there could be changes from the summer onwards. Firstly, we had the news that the club was looking at a Sporting Director role, in which a new [...]

18 02, 2017

Jovial Arsène sounding out an exit strategy

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Well now, that was an interesting press conference yesterday, wasn't it? I've got to be honest, I didn't think there'd be much of note to come out of the presser yesterday and I wondered if Arsène would be tetchy and downbeat, but he seemed rather jovial given the performance of his team in midweek. There [...]

21 01, 2017

Centre half stockpiling at Arsenal; no slip ups this weekend

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Oh, hello, how the devil are you? Feeling fine and dandy on this Saturday morning? It's been a while since I blogged - Monday I think - but I thought I'd return to action given that there's football this weekend. I've been in St Lucia you see and whilst there's wifi throughout the resort, I [...]

13 01, 2017

Good ol’ Arsenal, they’re proud to sign those deals

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Hello there fellow Arsenal supporting friend. Happy Friday to you!  It's The Management's Bon Anniversaire today, so I'll be partaking in an evening and a weekend of festivities, before buggering off to St Lucia for 10 days on Tuesday. Lovely jubbly. But to add to that jubbly, we got some other lovely news yesterday, which [...]

11 01, 2017

(Un)Helpful PR on Bramall? 

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Wednesday is upon us and I'll be darned if it isn't nearly January reaching its halfway point already. By Sunday we'll have done the first month of the year. In six weeks time, we'll have had our title dreams crushed and half of our squad will be struck down with Lymes disease and six weeks [...]

10 01, 2017

The low-key contracts blog

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Yesterday we found out our fate in the next round of the FA Cup and as the The Totts got their second bye in a row at home to Wymcombe, and Chelski got their usual opportunity to rest players by playing Brentford at home, we have an away trip to Southampton or Norwich. So essentially [...]