14 02, 2016

No high line please, Arsenal – Leicester preview

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So here we are. We’ve arrived at the biggest game of the season for Arsenal and unlike anyone would have predicted, it’s a home match against Leicester. That could very well define our season.

We’ve all been talking about it all week with friends, family, people we know online, people at work, Arsenal fans and non-fans. […]

7 02, 2016

Start quick, don’t let the first half pass you by, Arsenal

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In this – quite frankly mad – season, it seems strange that with us eight points from the top of the league, there still remains hope. But Leicester’s win at the Etihad has done exactly that, strangely, because if it was City, Chelski or United that had just established such an assailable lead, we would […]

2 02, 2016

Debuchy deal good for all; Arsenal need to get back on the winning wagon

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So after all the hype, all the over-the-top Sky Sports blustering, all of the pomp and everything being turned yellow, the transfer deadline day (no, I’m not capitalising it) turned out to be what it is every season: an exercise in how to get overexcited. 

I’ve got to tell you, I was glad we weren’t involved, […]

30 01, 2016

A quintessentially English afternoon of football: The FA Cup and Arsenal

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There’s something comforting about a good, old-fashioned, 3pm FA Cup tie, isn’t there? It’s quintessentially English, I find, with bad weather normally thrown in to the mix too. We’ve certainly ticked all of today’s boxes, as well as a a game against a lower league opposition in Burnley, who will probably be a Premier League […]

24 01, 2016

Frustration with the fates, but Arsenal need to overcome the psychological battle, too

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This fixture has become the one in which more frustration exists than ever before and it’s been like that over the last ten years or so because it doesn’t matter in what position the two teams are in, Chelski usually come out on top, or at least without defeat. It doesn’t matter if they’re flying high […]

17 01, 2016

Laying down a title credential marker in Mordor for Arsenal

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Stoke away is up there as one of those ‘least desirable’ fixtures I look for at the beginning of the season. If I was given the choice, I’d probably want it to appear at the start of each season, so it can be just got out of the way. A bit like ripping of a […]

13 01, 2016

Get the balance right, frustrate Liverpool, then counter

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There were plenty of people scoffing yesterday at Liverpool’s loan deal for Steven Caulker, but as an Arsenal fan whose seen plenty of goals conceded to the unlikeliest of candidates, I was not one of them. Klopp is a very precise man and he knows exactly the type of player who fits in to the […]

9 01, 2016

The Ox must shine in a game of rotation

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I think the possible team today is one of the most fascinating we’ve had in quite some time. It’s the third round of the FA Cup, we’re at home to Sunderland, with a manager in Sam Allardyce who has already suggested he will rotate a number of his players for the game today. At home […]

2 01, 2016

Physicality from Newcastle shouldn’t halt Arsenal’s pursuit

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It’s the first game of 2016 for The Arsenal today and at this time of the year, everybody is naturally looking at fresh beginnings, at opportunities and at making resolutions they will have kicked in to touch by mid February at the latest. The resolution I am hoping from the players and the manager are […]

26 12, 2015

We need to ride the confidence to undo our Southamtpon away hoodoo

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Good gloyven, I didn’t know I could eat and drink so much, such was the merriment from yesterday. I think I must have consumed my own body weight in Christmas dinner and cashew nuts. It’s a good job I have nothing to do today other than get nervous about the game this evening, which perhaps […]