11 09, 2015

Arsène ‘The Deceiver’? Do me a favour

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Ahh Friday. Full of promise of a weekend of enjoyment, full of Arsenal and everything a home 3pm Saturday afternoon kick off and full of fallout from an Arsène Wenger press conference.

For it is he, the man with which so much irritation appears to be directed, who has caused much consternation amongst some Arsenal fans […]

20 08, 2015

Days of dictatorial managers are dead

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I’m not usually one to talk about what other clubs are doing, but the sheer trolling nature of the Pedro saga means I feel compelled to write something, because it is funny. Well, it would be if it was someone other than Chelski getting the player. If Pedro headed over to Dortmund at the last […]

11 08, 2015

The dangers of thinking one game reflects a season

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The fallout from the weekend’s game still appears to be reverberating around the social media sphere, with Arsenal fans still disappointed with the opening weekend’s result, but time will hopefully heal. It just takes a little longer when you have no frame of reference i.e. It’s the first game of the season and you don’t […]

23 07, 2015

Arsène's stability wall protecting the Premier League trophy

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Life is short. I seem to recall that it wasn’t long ago that I was up north at Uni surrounded by Scousers and Mancs, whilst Arsène and Arsenal were doing me big favours by going unbeaten and giving me all manner of bragging rights amongst mates, one of whom was such a bitter United fan […]

22 07, 2015

Movement on players, but is it the 'right' players at Arsenal?

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Mattieu Flamini to Galatasaray and Wojciech Szczesny to Roma on a one year deal, it seems, if the rumours across multiple newspapers and on radio shows are to be believed.

Firstly the Flamster who, if we’re all honest, probably knew his time was up at the club. The fact we’re picking up a fee for a […]

18 07, 2015

One heck of a tour, one Hect of a player

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Today will be an interesting test for the team because, as Arsène described at his pre-game presser in Singapore, both Everton and Stoke were really up for their game and there were plenty of ‘committed’ tackles going in.

You hear things like that and the first thing you think of as a fan is “I really […]

16 07, 2015

Chuba to 'Kane' it up?

By |July 16th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, Attack, friendly, gooners, Gunners, pre season, soccer, Tactics, Transfers|2 Comments

Happy Thursday fellow Goonerite. And lo, we have some actual football to talk about! 

Yep, pre-season is officially underway and kicked off yesterday with a 4-0 romping of those world beaters known as the Singapore XI, with goals between Chuba Akpom and Jack Wilshere ensuring that it will be more realistic for the lazy of us […]

8 07, 2015

Loyalty works both ways and having none suits everyone in football

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So it appears Matthieu Flamini might be the man to exit the Arsenal squad this summer then, after rumours across multiple websites appeared about the apparent interest from Bastia. Isn’t that where Squillaci was packed off to, with the club waving any fee, because Bastia played the poverty card? Perhaps they are the Broadstairs of […]

2 07, 2015

An Arsenal career gone but not forgotten and one still on and should not be forgotten

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It may have been news that we were already aware of, but yesterday came the confirmation that Abou Diaby was finally being released from his contract at Arsenal, and is now in the process of finding a new club. Rumours are abound that he’s on the verge of signing for FC Dallas in the MLS and […]

1 07, 2015

Arsenal don't sign 'ALL the players' shocker

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You can tell this is the calm after the transfer storm that was Monday, because there ain’t a lot going on right now, friend. I mean, when one of The Evening Standard’s main Arsenal stories that I had a look on News Now this morning is one in which Petr Cech’s day of signing is video […]