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1611, 2015

Life is precious and must go on – football too

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Decided to take a few days away from blogging over the weekend. With what happened on Friday night, which I found out about on Saturday morning, totally took me away from any thoughts of writing. I had my parents over for the weekend and as we watched the news on Saturday morning, it didn’t even […]

1311, 2015

Welbeck will need time

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Nothing is fun about this morning for me. Yes it’s Friday, for which I am thankful, but that I drag myself in to work after a boozy night in which I needed to be at a work function, supporting an organisations awards in which my company get involved in, is particularly vexing for me this […]

1211, 2015

Mesut Özil: Is this the birth of an Arsenal legend?

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Last night I had a little smile to myself. I was thinking about the outrage when Arsène waved away the overtures of a Fabregassian return to the club and the player himself admitted that Arsène had told him that he wouldn’t take up the option on the Spaniard, because we had Mesut Özil, with whom […]

1111, 2015

Football loans – the rich get richer

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Now, admittedly the following thoughts for today are based on opinion, rather than in depth research. I write this blog whilst on my way to work travelling in on the Metropolitan Line tube and occasionally it goes in and out of signal, so the ability for me to undertake lengthy statistical analysis is somewhat mitigated. […]

1011, 2015

Power shift, schmower shift, Arsenal have Mez

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Time is indeed a great healer, you know, because after disappointment of not collecting maximum points against that lot, I find myself much more at ease than I thought I would. After all, we have just come through a difficult week and still find ourselves level on points with Moneychester City, with the international break […]

911, 2015

Frustration and relief – the North London Derby

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What on earth do you make of that game yesterday? I don’t even know where to start if I’m honest. I don’t k is whether to express relief that the team managed to salvage a draw, or frustration that we looked so leggy and at times disinterested, or at least a little clueless and out […]

811, 2015

Victory in the Derby will show the strength of the squad

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Here we are folks. Derby day. The most worrying day of the year as far as I’m concerned. Derby day has the potential to delight or disappoint in equal measure. A win against that lot down the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road puts us in a superb position going in to the international […]

711, 2015

The nerves have set in, but team unity brings hope ahead of the North London Derby

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I’ve got to be honest and tell you that the nerves have already started for tomorrow’s North London Derby. It always starts at least two days before the actual game and by the time I reach the day before I’m already thinking about the potential outcomes, both positively and negatively.

I make myself more nervous by […]

611, 2015

I want to taste the glory of Premier League success

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I really hope that Per Mertesacker hasn’t been taking PR lessons from Djourou or Denilson, because as I flicked across to to see what was going on, I saw two articles featuring him in the aftermath of the Bayern defeat. Can’t they all just go into media lock down? I like it when that […]

511, 2015

Embarrassing ‘meh’

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I’m really not sure what to make of yesterday’s 5-1 hammering to Bayern Munich. I mean, obviously we played poorly and obviously our Champions League qualifications are hanging by the tiniest of threads, but it was a strange game because at times in the second half we looked good. Heck, Ollie G even weighed in […]