14 06, 2017

The perfect Arsenal fixture list

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Morning all. We're in something resembling a summer at the moment and I must say, if I didn't have to wear a suit and spend the best part of the day in an office where I can't see the sky, I'd probably be delighted about it.  But I can't. So I guess that's just life. [...]

13 06, 2017

What does Wenger have to do?

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As I made my usual walk towards Uxbridge tube station this morning I started to think about Arsène and how much he has fallen from the pedestal that I put him on in my mind. I started to think about how a man who I once hoped could manage us forever, is now a guy [...]

12 06, 2017

Only at Arsenal

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It seems just about everyone in the world wants to slap their proverbial balls on the table and declare an interest in Mbappe right now. PSG and Liverpool have 'declared an interest' if you listen to the gutter press and whilst we don't know whether anyone's interest is genuine other than Arsenal and Madrid - [...]

11 06, 2017

Ox makes England 7% more interesting

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"Well? How many Arsenal players are the England team?" The Management said to me yesterday.  "None at the moment. Full of dirty Spurs players. That's why I'm only half watching this sh*tshow" I said at half time. Of course much like the second half and the late flurry of goals, it got much more interesting, [...]

10 06, 2017

Ollie G needs big name competition for his place

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How about Ollie G and that goal last night, eh? I don't usually bother with international football, but given that one match was distilled in to two brilliant moments for Arsenal fans - a great strike from our centre forward and a total howler from the Spurs keeper, I was happy to see my Twitter timeline filled [...]

9 06, 2017

Costa, Ibrahimovich and Alexis – how much is good news?

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Well there's no other place to start this morning's blog, given some of the news which came out yesterday, than this: Should Arsenal just go and sign Ibrahimovich and Costa? Screw general elections, Arsenal need a striker and clearly there are some people so worried about 'the madness' of Mbappe, that they're already trying to [...]

8 06, 2017

General election vs transfer window: it’s all a load of…

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Howdy Thursday, where have you been? I've been expecting you earlier than this, but no matter now, you're here and that's all that we need worry about. Of course no offence, but you're not Friday or Saturday, which are better days it has to be said. In the U.K. It's Election Day. Snap election at [...]

7 06, 2017

Shiny new player – Clive Owen, with Ivan’s people carrier filling up more

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Another day in to the summer off season and it's yet more transfer related news from Arsenal, but this time it's a juicy bit of 'acquisition' we can talk of and yes, I did the 'YouTube' thing on Kolasinac yesterday. I have no shame. He looks good though, doesn't he? Real good. A strong unit [...]

6 06, 2017

Sadness over Tiote; Arsène’s French road trip

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It's difficult to start anywhere except the non-Arsenal footballer Cheick Tiote, who died at age 30 yesterday on a Chinese training pitch. Your heart goes out to the family at this time and hearing somebody being taken so young really is a tragic state of affairs. I'm 34 and to hear of somebody dying at [...]

5 06, 2017

Boycott the Sun; too many deals to be done?

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I didn't blog yesterday because it seemed somewhat of a pointless activity given the horrific news of Saturday evening at London Bridge. Football can seem so trivial and far removed from the atrocities that some people can inflict on their fellow man sometimes. The world can be such a dark place when people are willing [...]