13 04, 2018

Victory don’t come easy – CSKA v Arsenal

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Morning friends, I hope this Friday finds yo as well as could be, and that those of yo with heart conditions managed to make it through the game yesterday unscathed. Me? Well, let's just say that the air was a bit blue with the sound of the colourful language I was using when that second [...]

12 04, 2018

Özil is the key in Moscow tonight

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Some thoughts ahead of the second leg quarter final of the Europa League. CSKA Moscow will press high and so we need Özil to find space to create chances.

11 04, 2018

Roma fire a warning shot for Arsenal’s benefit

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If ever there was a metaphorical neon 'warning' light that should have been flashing at London Colney and every Arsenal players house last night, it was demonstrated in the Champions League, but not where we thought. I tuned in to watch Liverpool hang on in the first half and then had some dinner and didn't [...]

10 04, 2018

Is Jack’s Arsenal race run?

By | 2018-04-10T07:56:19+00:00 April 10th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, contracts, gooners, Gunners, History, injuries, midfield|0 Comments

I think it is you know. And that gives me no pleasure in writing it I can assure you. He's one of ours. Signed since the age of about seven and approaching as much time with an affiliation at Arsenal as Arsène Wenger. He's risen up through the ranks, played in European competition, roused the [...]

9 04, 2018

Arsenal getting attack right, defence wrong, against Southampton

By | 2018-04-09T08:13:35+00:00 April 9th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, premier league|1 Comment

Happy Monday folks. It's a wet and drizzly one in West London and has pretty much been like that since Saturday but I'll not let that get me down. After all Arsenal notched another win, got three more goals, we saw Aubameyang get on the score sheet yet again, Welbeck even notched a few, so [...]

8 04, 2018

How much rotation today against Southampton?

By | 2018-04-08T09:55:49+00:00 April 8th, 2018|Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, Match Preview, premier league|0 Comments

The big question about the Arsenal team today is: How much will Arsene Wenger rotate today? There's little doubt that there will be some element of rotation (you can do a bit of betting - as well as some casino stuff here at 1xbet promo code if you fancy it) but should he completely reshuffle his pack [...]

7 04, 2018

Wrapping Arsenal players in wool, but not too much, because we want to see them

By | 2018-04-08T13:24:15+00:00 April 7th, 2018|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, Attack, Europa League, injuries, premier league|0 Comments

As we all wait with baited breath on the injury to Mkhitaryan, my mind has already started to shift to tomorrow's game against Southampton and wonder what happens if our Armenian has suffered the suspected medial ligament damage that Arsene spoke about immediately after the game on Thursday night, then it really will be a race [...]

5 04, 2018

Özil and Ramsey inspire a Russian Rout

By | 2018-04-06T07:50:30+00:00 April 5th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, Europa League, gooners, Gunners, Match Review|0 Comments

A fantastic win, some great performances from Özil and Ramsey, Lacazette back in the goals. What’s there not to be very happy about this Friday morning?

5 04, 2018

Arsenal must start fast against CSKA

By | 2018-04-07T11:01:11+00:00 April 5th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, Europa League, gooners, Gunners, Match Preview, Tactics|0 Comments

Some thoughts ahead of the home game for Arsenal against CSKA Moscow, including how I think we need to start - fast.

4 04, 2018

Arsenal should say ‘screw it’ and experiment

By | 2018-04-04T07:49:58+00:00 April 4th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, Attack, Europa League, Formation, gooners, Gunners, Tactics|0 Comments

On Sunday before the game I posted my preferred line up which included Özil, Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, with our number 10s starting on paper out wide although in all honesty in my mind I saw it as a very fluid system. I remember writing years ago about Rosicky and his mobility (when not on [...]