22 11, 2015

Title talk is fanciful as injuries take toll against the Baggies

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Where to even begin with the shower of the proverbial that we witnessed from Arsenal yesterday, eh? I mean seriously, I have no idea where to even start. Nothing went right. We played terribly. Then, even with most of the 90 minutes of tripe we had to sit through, we still get handed a lifeline […]

21 11, 2015

Expect physicality, but to beat West Brom we need to show technical superiority

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Please forgive me if I end up jinxing the outcome of today’s game, but this match today feels very much like the Swansea game of a few weeks ago, in which we had some very difficult moments but ended up winning comfortably away in South Wales.

I’m not saying that I think we’ll win today (there, […]

17 11, 2015

Filling the blanks on the Arsenal flanks

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With the friendly game to take place at Wembley tonight most probably being the centre of attention for most of the world and its media, it is perhaps inevitable that from an Arsenal perspective there is some involvement. I suspect we’ll see Giroud and Koscienly take their place in the team at some point, whilst […]

10 11, 2015

Power shift, schmower shift, Arsenal have Mez

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Time is indeed a great healer, you know, because after disappointment of not collecting maximum points against that lot, I find myself much more at ease than I thought I would. After all, we have just come through a difficult week and still find ourselves level on points with Moneychester City, with the international break […]

9 11, 2015

Frustration and relief – the North London Derby

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What on earth do you make of that game yesterday? I don’t even know where to start if I’m honest. I don’t k is whether to express relief that the team managed to salvage a draw, or frustration that we looked so leggy and at times disinterested, or at least a little clueless and out […]

8 11, 2015

Victory in the Derby will show the strength of the squad

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Here we are folks. Derby day. The most worrying day of the year as far as I’m concerned. Derby day has the potential to delight or disappoint in equal measure. A win against that lot down the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road puts us in a superb position going in to the international […]

7 11, 2015

The nerves have set in, but team unity brings hope ahead of the North London Derby

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I’ve got to be honest and tell you that the nerves have already started for tomorrow’s North London Derby. It always starts at least two days before the actual game and by the time I reach the day before I’m already thinking about the potential outcomes, both positively and negatively.

I make myself more nervous by […]

2 11, 2015

Goals to give confidence to the right players; keep Jose to remove a monkey

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With the Bayern game taking place on Wednesday, the team find themselves with little opportunity to regale themselves with the memories of the fabulous win at the weekend, instead having to put it behind them in favour of a look ahead to a Wednesday night fixture against Bayern. Sure, Joel can be happy with his […]

1 11, 2015

Grinding out a flattering result – lovely

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I watched yesterday’s game through an iPhone stream at my parents house and if I’m completely honest, had I not have watched it at all and just seen the Match of the Day highlights, I’d probably have been a lot less stressed.

But what I witnessed yesterday felt like something I haven’t seen for about […]

31 10, 2015

Swansea away: stifle their counter and stop supply to the wingers

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I don’t like this particular fixture that we’ve got today. It was this same fixture about this time last year that I was almost banned from watching The Arsenal with family members around, because of the profanities that I was firing in the direction of the flat screen, as everybody was around celebrating my birthday. […]