30 01, 2016

A quintessentially English afternoon of football: The FA Cup and Arsenal

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There’s something comforting about a good, old-fashioned, 3pm FA Cup tie, isn’t there? It’s quintessentially English, I find, with bad weather normally thrown in to the mix too. We’ve certainly ticked all of today’s boxes, as well as a a game against a lower league opposition in Burnley, who will probably be a Premier League […]

25 01, 2016

The predictability is more painful than anything else

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The most galling thing about yesterday’s game against the most morally bankrupt club of all time, was the predictability with which we enabled them to pick up a result, from both the sending off and the goal we conceded.

In the morning as I blogged, I was nervous because of our appalling record against footballs equivalent […]

24 01, 2016

Frustration with the fates, but Arsenal need to overcome the psychological battle, too

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This fixture has become the one in which more frustration exists than ever before and it’s been like that over the last ten years or so because it doesn’t matter in what position the two teams are in, Chelski usually come out on top, or at least without defeat. It doesn’t matter if they’re flying high […]

21 01, 2016

A decade of different Theo’s

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Celebrating Nacho’s contract renewal this week was clearly not enough for the Arsenal fraternity, because we’ve got another ‘congratulations’ that took place yesterday, as Theo Walcott hit ten years with The Arsenal.

You can say what you like about Theo’s performances during his tenure – and many do – but you can’t deny that in the […]

19 01, 2016

Arsenal fixture review and Walcott’s ‘mental strength’

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I wonder if there was a conversation between Theo and Arsène, before Walcott talked up the teams ‘mental strength’ post Stoke away. It does seem as though that interview was straight out of the Arsenal Wenger handbook on how to talk up your team, so perhaps after ten years in his regular presence, Le Boss’ […]

18 01, 2016

Cech shines in Stoke, but should we be happy with a point?

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As the final whistle went yesterday, with Arsenal securing a point at The Britannia, it was hard for me to properly assess how I felt about the result. On the face of it it was a hard-fought point. It was more than City got against the Orcs and sees us go back to the top […]

5 01, 2016

We’re doing the right things in January

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As is always the way when you reach the middle part of a week in between fixtures, all seems to be relatively quiet in London Colney at the moment, which I have no real issue with to be honest. Last night The Management asked which day Arsenal are playing on this midweek, then seemed quite […]

30 12, 2015

Arsenal see the new year on top, with a signing to boost the fans

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So, it has been confirmed that we will be top of the league come New Year’s Day, after the two City’s – Leicester and Manchester – failed to score and ended with a 0-0 stalemate. It’s the best possible result that we could have hoped for, in truth, because a Moneychester win would have put […]

22 12, 2015

Good with or without the ball – Arsenal are contenders

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Okay, so here’s the thing: I’m gonna level with ya. The first part of today’s blog is written in a slightly inebriated haze and post-match big game glow. It’s delivered to you because I think we saw a mature Arsenal team that has delivered a statement to the rest of the league that guess what, […]

11 12, 2015

People listening to Mesut’s subtle undertones, Cech’s banging and Walcott’s buzz

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There’s so much to go through today, I don’t even know where to start!

How about the revelation that Cech’s super-awesomeness and ability to make save-after-save appears to be entirely down to Rock Band, for which I’m sure the good folks at EA are delighted with, as they now have an angle for marketing in to […]