Morning folks. Hope all is well with you. Well, as ‘well’ as can be considered given we’re all still stuck at home and in the UK it’s supposed to be in this situation for at least 12 months if you believe Boris. Which not many do these days.

But it does appear as though the Premier League has taken a bit more action as they got together with the football league to confirm that the season will now be postponed until the end of April, whilst committing to finishing the football season come hell or high water. As much as we’ve all had a right good chuckle at the scousers and their wait for the title, it’s the right – and probably only – thing to do given that there is so much at stake financially for pretty much every football team across the globe.

Quite when that means the football season will finish, as well as how many games end up behind closed doors, remains to be seen. But that will be a question for the football authorities closer to the time. The real question will be how much the standard of football is affected when it eventually does return. We’ve all seen how difficult it can be when the season starts back up again at the beginning of August each year. Players take a while to get back up and going, the standard is sometimes patchy, plus mistakes happen; it’s understandable given that there are so many players that need to get themselves up and running from a physical peak perspective. But in August they’ve usually had a pre season, they’ve been together working on things and had time to start working out an approach for the new season. They’ve also worked on their fitness heavily. Footballers will still be working on keeping fit by running, weights training, etc, etc, but that is absolutely no match for having a ball at your feet and doing the kind of interval training that football is.

I remember training for a marathon. I had reached a level of fitness of running that I was really proud of myself with weeks to go. Then, about two weeks after the marathon when I’d recovered and was still doing my running, I went to play football. I was knackered after about five minutes because it was a different level of intensity. That was the first time I realised just what ‘match fit’ meant and there’s no way any of the footballers in the Premier League – or any other league for that matter – will be match fit for the remainder of the season. It just won’t happen.

And when it does start up again there are only about 9-15 games (depending on how many competitions your team is in) for most teams anyway. By the time most of the players do start to get into the swing of things it’ll be the end of the season.

It all contributes towards the general weirdness of this season and my general feeling of desire for it to be well and truly over.

On the marathon stuff, I put out a note on Facebook for friends to give me any random things to talk about, so as the news starts to dry up even more I think I’ll start doing just that. And Neil, my wife’s cousin, asked me about ways to train given that his marathons have been cancelled.

Well Neil, there is the ol’ “put soap and water on a laminating floor” trick and run on the spot. Make sure you hand on to the side though!

Another alternative – which is more related to interval training to be fair because it relies on you walking and then having run run as fast as possible – is you do things that annoy your spouse to the point of her chasing you with some kind of blunt instrument around the house. Me? I tend to leave tin foil in the grill with bacon and other such fats on. Drives her nuts but gives me a quick workout burst as she chases me for the 55millionth time!

Back to The Arsenal though and Kieran Tierney has been quoted in the Scottish press as saying that his arm dislocated three times in the game against West Ham in November. I haven’t had a dislocated arm before but people tell me its an absolute killer, so to be able to keep playing with that is some going, the hardened Scottish lad that he is. He’ll be one probably the most irked at this particular situation; he was on the verge of a return and probably would have been getting plenty of game time given that Kolasinac was out. But when we do resume at the end of April I guess he’ll be starting at the same fitness levels as most others so perhaps there’s a positive there to be had. Whether or not he gets back in the team given the form of Saka remains to be seen, but there’s nothing like a healthy bit of competition, so we should also look at that as a positive.

And that’s about it from me today. As usual stay safe, stay happy, stay Arsenal.