29 01, 2022

Is Isak’s release clause the ‘break glass in case of emergency’ for Arsenal?

By |2022-01-29T10:37:02+00:00January 29th, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, finances, gooners, Gunners, Transfers|1 Comment

Ahh man I am hanging this morning. Even the sound of the clicking keyboard feels like a drum beat on my skull. I went out for a leaving drinks for someone in my team and so didn't really check Twitter or my phone for most of the evening, until I got on the tube and [...]

25 01, 2022

Vlahovic case is curious, as Arsenal rightly explore elsewhere

By |2022-01-25T07:44:57+00:00January 25th, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, finances, gooners, Gunners, Transfers|1 Comment

Well it appears we have the answer behind the noises on the Vlahovic transfer. Those noises appear to be coming from Turin and as seems to have been reported by a number of different journos last night, the Fiorentina player has been bid for by Juventus and it is likely that will be his destination [...]

17 02, 2021

UEFA preserve no ‘integrity of the competition’ in Arsenal’s case

By |2021-02-17T07:40:39+00:00February 17th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Europa League, Mikel Arteta, press conference, Rant|0 Comments

I didn't watch any Champions League football last night, but I have seen the gifts that Liverpool were so generously offered by RB Leipzig last night, as well as the borderline free handout that the referee tried to leg up on Barcelona in their game against PSG. Honestly, when you see that given as a [...]

31 08, 2019

NLD nerves kicking in as Nacho departs

By |2019-08-31T09:28:35+01:00August 31st, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Unai Emery|0 Comments

Blimey I'm tired. Plus I have a banging headache. I'm sat in a park in Manchester at 9am and my only friend right now is fresh air. It's a good friend to be honest. I will say this though; the thought of the impending North London Derby isn't helping my current situation. The fixture gives [...]

27 08, 2019

I question the timing of Monreal’s Arsenal exit

By |2019-08-27T11:01:42+01:00August 27th, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Ownership and the board, premier league, Tactics, Transfers, Unai Emery|1 Comment

I get that Nacho Monreal is of an age where his stock is falling somewhat. I understand that we've see. A decline in his levels of reliability that we have had for so many years. It's why the club went out and got Kieran Tierney and had the Scot not been injured having recently had [...]

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