Chris Howard
Chris HowardFounder

I’m a lifelong Gooner that has been watching Arsenal since a tender age of seven and now find myself in my thirties. Born in Harlow, Essex, I am now a West London based Gooner living in Uxbridge. I reside in Block Five on match days at the Emirates and if anybody fancies meeting up for a pre-match bevvy, just drop me a tweet.

I decided to set up Suburban Gooners in 2011 because my wife had heard enough of my obsession with The Arsenal. So now I have this forum instead, where I jot down my thoughts and my wife can lead a happy life. But don’t worry, she loves The Arsenal too and I occasionally take her along to matches – not least because they usually win by three goals!!

Ben Leeder
Ben LeederBlogger

I must blame my uncle for my Arsenal addiction. A very persistent man, and I will always thank him for that. I started blogging three years ago, my wife had enough of me bending her ear regarding Arsenal. Chris offered me a way out of League 1. I couldn’t refuse and I signed a long term deal with the Suburban Gooners. I just listened to ‘the little boy inside’ when I deciding to join and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m a strong believer in all things Wenger Ball – Once we have ALL the ingredients, we will play the best football around. I’m a massive transfer fiend – I enjoy getting to the bottom of those pesky rumours with a touch of humour.

I live in Surrey. I’m a Red Member and have top quality access to Chris’ spares. Thank god for Chris. On match days you’ll find us in Block 5. Come and say hello.

Considering everyone is taking credit, ill jump on the bandwagon – The King of sporadic blogging. The upkeep of the Facebook Page and the Instagram Account is me *raises hand* – Give us a like and a follow respectively, I dare say, you might enjoy it.

Steve Othen
Steve OthenBlogger

I too have followed Arsenal for as long as I can remember. Based in Surrey I travel into London every day for work and every home game at the Emirates. On match days you will find me in Block 32, behind the away dugout give the opposition some stick.

If you catch Chris for a beer on match day you’ll probably find me there too, unless I’m with a cooler crowd 🙂

I take the credit for maintaining the site (let me know if you find something wrong), setting up our Facebook page (not the upkeep though – that’s Mr Leeder) and hosting our up and coming Suburban Gooners Podcast – watch this space!