So Happy Saturday to you. It’s one in which we have to wait a little bit before we get to avenge the defeat last weekend. Sure, we took a bit of a surprise sucker punch from Slaven Bilic’s West Ham, but it was only our first game of of the 2015/16 season (match preview from the guys at Coral) and there’s plenty more football to be played. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t smart any less, so I for one am hoping we can wash the bad taste out of our mouths, with the sweet succulent flavours of three points at Selhurst Park on Sunday.

It certainly won’t be easy. Arsene said as much in his pre match presser when asked about how tough the Premier League is this season. If going the season unbeaten was difficult 11 years ago, it must feel like an almost impossible tasks, when you look at some of the squads that have been assembled. Who on God’s green earth would have thought Yohan Cabaye would be rocking up at Palace three years ago? Or that a very polished Payet would boss a game for West ham at The Emirates? Certainly not me. So despite how clearly annoying it is to drop points at home on the first game of the season, perhaps it is not as damaging as it might have been last season? Who knows. Time will tell, etc, etc.

What is essential is that we get some side of response from the pretty insipid display we endured last Sunday. The passing accuracy needs to be better and we need to see more urgency and potency in attack. The manager has to drive his players forward in that regard, so perhaps he’ll be mentioning the fans in his team talk this week, after explaining about how they don’t want to upset us. Hey, anything that gets us a result is fine by me, so if Arsene has to show pictures of totts in Arsenal baby-grows balling their eyes out, or a little child with his dreams in tatters because we lost a game, then I’m ok with that. Winning is everything people, winning is everything.

Just ask Jose, who clearly will do anything to win, including deflect the performance of his team and make it about an internal bust-up just to get a bit of attention. He really is an odious character. I am loving the way the media are trying to beef up his issues with Wenger and vice-versa though, but Le Boss just isn’t biting. In his presser yesterday he was specifically asked by a journo about the Mourinho issue with his medical team. The question was more loaded than a 12-bore, designed to get a sound bite that can be used to fire in Jose’s direction to see if he can get an argument started. Arsene steered clear of the games though, simply talking about it as an internal matter, that you need the unity of the team and you need to trust the medical department. Cue the various media outlets reporting this as ‘Arsene wading in to Chelsea medical team debate’. Not really guys. He was asked a direct question and pretty much said ‘not interested, thanks’. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of sparking up some sort of perpetual hyperbolic row, eh, guys?

Whatevs. If that’s what these media bods are happy with then you and I just need to make sure we’re savvy to the truth. The first thing I do before visiting any media websites is have a listen to his presser these days, because it tells the real story and you can make your own informed decision as a result. So rather than being click-baited I am a little wiser and a little more laid back when I see a headline that is clearly trying to stretch the truth to its outer limits.

The more important thing for me is trying to work out how I’m going to watch the game tomorrow. The in-laws have bought The Management and I a lovely day at the Red Bull air race in a corporate hospitality area (free bar!) and, upon my advice they choose Sunday rather than Saturday because that’s when the game was originally supposed to be played. Now I’m in a quandary because I’m not missing the game. Sky Go on the phone it is I suppose!

That’ll do for me for one day. You have a good one and remember, avoid the click baiters, stay safe and try not to go mad without The Arsenal on a Saturday.