With the Bayern game taking place on Wednesday, the team find themselves with little opportunity to regale themselves with the memories of the fabulous win at the weekend, instead having to put it behind them in favour of a look ahead to a Wednesday night fixture against Bayern. Sure, Joel can be happy with his goal, but with our wing positions a little light on the ground even he will need to forget about it and focus at what is looking like an ever-increasingly more difficult task with every second we tick closer towards it.

Personally I’m not sure we’ll be able to get anything from the game, but if there’s one thing that can give the team any hope of getting the win, it’s going in to the fixture in good form. It’s also good that key players have had some confidence boosters too. Joel for his goal, plus Giroud for his, is probably better than seeing an Alexis hat trick in terms of team confidence. What I mean by that is that Alexis will always be Alexis. When he wasn’t scoring at the beginning of the season, the effort and application was still the same as when he scored his hat trick against Leicester. So with that in mind, if you were to pick a couple of players who probably needed a goal as a confidence boost, the two attackers we got on the score sheet would probably be the two you’d have chosen. I just hope that this goal Campbell scored will make him believe even more that he’s one of the first team regulars. Personally I still have my reservations and I think we need our returning players back sooner rather than later, but I’m pleased that he’s having an impact. I’m always happy to be proved wrong. The challenge Campbell has compared to Coquelin, however, is that he doesn’t have as many games to prove himself. Probably a maximum of three before the international break and then the other returning players will probably slot in on the right. Let’s just wait and see. Whoever comes in, it’s results and performances like Saturday that make you wonder whether, after all, the squad is as thin as everyone keeps telling us.There’s not a load of else going on at the moment. The Arsenal ladies won a cup against Notts County yesterday, so good for them, but it wasn’t on my list of things to watch I’m afraid. I like to find out about any Arsenal team and always like to see those representing the club do well, but I still can’t really get in to ladies football, so it won’t be something I’ll be tuning in more regularly.

The other stuff floating about with regards to football which is worth talking about is that man Mourinho and the revelations that there’s a player who wants the team to lose rather than win for him. It’s pretty widespread across a few papers this morning, so you’d have to think that there’s some mileage to the story, but it doesn’t really surprise me. Mourinho is a manager who I’d imagine can be a nightmare to work for if you’re not in his good books. If you’re not part of his ‘Slug Club’ football equivalent, then you probably wouldn’t want to work harder for a manager who looks like he could pick a fight in a nunnery. His siege mentality is now at the point in which the castle walls have already been breached and it does look from where I sit as if it’s a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ he’s given the boot. 

I hope he’s still in post by the time Chelski Coke to The Emirates next year. There’s one more monkey on the back of Arsène Wenger when it comes to Mourinho and that is to beat him in the league. If Jose slinks off abroad before we play the Chavs, it will be a little more than ‘annoying’ I’d imagine.

Plus, it would be hilarious to see Roman try bitterly hard to keep a manager who looks like he’s sinking his own ship, so I hope Mourinho is in place for the rest of this season.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, so I’ll bid you good day.