Shaquiri wonder goal aside, didn’t yesterday feel like the worst day so far of the Euro’s? For me it certainly did. Not only did I have to sit through some of the most mind-numbingly dull football one could ever imagine, but the team’s that’d I’d decided to temporarily shift my allegiance to all failed in their attempts to reach the quarter finals.

First up it was the Swiss, who went out to Poland on pens, with the penalty miss of Granit Xhaka proving crucial to his country’s progression. There was inevitably a lot of other fans schadenfreude kicking in that an Arsenal player had failed, but I can only look at the positives from what I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks, which is a quality player who will be a tremendous asset to our club. I’d far rather have seen four good performances and a penalty miss from our new signing, than four average performances with a winning penalty, so the Euro’s has done enough to get me excited for our new player.

The home nations match at 5pm was an exhibition of technical inferiority. Both Wales and Northern Ireland stunk out the joint and perhaps it was therefore inevitable that it was a scrappy own goal that decided the tie. Of course it did, for Wales, who is cheered against all afternoon. You’ve got to feel sorry for Norn Iron, especially as I can only recall their ‘keeper being called into action once, where as Wayne Hennessey was certainly the busier of the two ‘keepers over 90 minutes.

And finally, to the injustice that was Croatia Portugal, which saw a scuffed Nani shot find Ronaldo, who of course had a shot, but got fortunate that Quaresma was following up to nod in to the empty net. Before that, I’d endured the pain of having to sit through an entire game without a shot on target. It really was quite awful. Both teams were far too cagey and nobody wanted to take a chance until we got to extra time, in which Croatia were forced to try to drive forward and could have scored even after that goal, but ultimately get sent packing. It’s a surprise because I was beginning to think we might get a Croatia/Germany final. But I’m thinking that it must be a Portugal/Germanh one now, because they seem to be spawning their way to the final.

Oh gawd, imagine a final which has Cristiano Ronaldo taking the penalty which could win them the Euro’s. It’d be horrific. If Portugal win the Euro’s he’d probably demand a bus of his own, such is the man he is, and the Portugese would probably give it to them.

Arsenal news is quite sparse at the moment. There’s the usual rubbish from everyone about different striker names, but it’s all re-hashed stories of the existing names, so when you actually bother to click on any of it you don’t actually end up learning anything new. So with that in mind, I guess I should call it a blogging day and wait for the next round of matches. Hopefully they don’t bore us all to tears!

Peace out y’all.