Arsenal are not among the favorites to win the Premier League this season, trailing the teams from Manchester at a distance. They are probably going to start with the second chance next season as well, given the big investments made by the other clubs. Punters can find the best bookies to bet on Arsenal at’t Dismiss the Gunners Just Yet

Arsenal hasn’t won the title in more than a decade and only came close a couple of times since 2002. With their competitors pouring so much money into transfers, it is easy to see why only their fans give them a fighting chance. However, the Gunners are not to be trifled with and this season they could cause an upset. Home pitch performers as well as the high production of goals on the road makes them strong contenders for the trophy despite unfavorable odds.

Arsene is on the last year of his contract and he has all the reasons to try and wrap up his stellar career with a trophy. Many claim that he is better as a manager than as a coach and seems to be more interested in generating revenue for the club. This year however, he was given the green light to spend more and try to make Arsenal as competitive as possible. The recent signings as well as the fact that he led many veterans go, suggest that he is ready to push for the trophy.

An Upward Trend Since 2014

Three years ago, Arsenal finished in the fourth place, made the podium one year later and last season finished just behind surprising winners Leicester. A clear trend is forming and the team has a strong starting formation and plenty of options up front. They play offensive football and are a force to be reckoned with when they have home pitch advantage.

Granit Xhaka brought the energy that the club was lacking and the outfield player is already an important piece in the Arsenal puzzle. The team is prone to suffering injuries, but now it seems capable of handling such a plague much more effectively. His experience with Borussia Mönchengladbach is invaluable and he’s expected to play an increasingly important role in London. With so many veterans departing, the team is in dire need of a leader and the Swiss midfielder could fit this position.

The fact that Manchester United and their city rivals have invested so much money to bring in new players is frightening. However, this could be good news for Arsenal, since both teams are rebuilding and have new managers. It’s all the same with Chelsea and Liverpool, except for the fact that they spent less money and brought in far fewer celebrities. Wenger’s tenure is one of the longest in the Premier League and this kind of continuity could prove decisive in the race for the trophy.