Happy Saturday folks. It’s a Saturday in which London is bathed in a bit of sun today, so I intend on making the most of it, probably by staying in and watching TV or by going swimming in the indoor pool in Uxbridge. Yep, that’s the British way, dontcha know.

The Arsenal Way has essentially been the Arsene Way for some time and with things reaching a pretty low point of late, I don’t know about you guys but I’m quite glad that we have a week off from Arsenal. They’ve been pissing me off quite a lot of late so to get a bit of respite from some of the utter tripe we’ve been served up is quite welcome. It allows me to just ignore football for a weekend. The good thing about the international breaks when you’re feeling as low as we are, is that there’s not nearly as much football on the telly as normal weeks. Last weekend I really did have to go cold turkey on most television related things like the news, Sky Sports in the whole and also any other live television, because it felt like at every turn I was being reminded about just how shoddy the team has been performing of late. And how every other team around us appear to be picking up their games.

But this weekend will see less football, less interest from the media and even the little interest I do get will be contained, so I’m happy with that. Usually my concern would be to see players returning safely from injury, but this time around I genuinely don’t care. I think that’s because so many of the squad have let us down with their performances, that it’s not like anybody except Alexis would feel like too much of a hammer blow to our season. Our season has already taken enough pastings as it is.

But whilst we’ve got a week off from Arsenal, we don’t appear to have a week off from Arsene, who isn’t really helping himself by digging up old and sore memories of transfers past, this time in the shape of the Luis Suarez debacle. I know Arsene was probably asked a question about the deal and probably just gave a response, but quite why he has to be so open sometimes I just don’t know. Because he will have known that this would be turned in to a story, exactly as it has done, which just again makes us all a little more bitter about how the whole situation panned out.

It’s easy to say with hindsight, but personally if I was in Wenger’s shoes, I’d have kept the answer to the question as short as possible. “We went for the player, we thought he could come, he didn’t. Next question” would be the type of response that I would give and to be honest it’s the type of response I’d expect him to give too. But instead Arsene went in to the detail of the deal and all its done is added more fuel for WhatsApp groups of Arsenal fans around the world wondering why the hell this sort of sh*t always seems to happen to us. This story is a completely pointless one. It’s a bit like me recounting the time I saw Bacary Sagna in SuperDry in Westfield: It adds absolutely no value to any conversation whatsoever. The only purpose its serves is to piss more people off at the way we conduct our amateur transfer business and at a time where it feels like Arsenal are already on their knees, this story just feels like another punch.

Still, even if we’d have signed Suarez then, by now we’d probably all be having the same situation with him not signing a new contract with us, and Barca coming calling in the summer to get him for a vastly knocked down price. After we were told that this sort of stuff wouldn’t happen any more, we’re about to go through it all again in the summer with Ozil and Alexis, so I suppose we should all just accept that this is life as an Arsenal fan. Buy good players, experience the same season on repeat year after year, good players leave towards the end of their first contract because they don’t have belief in a manager that cannot adapt to the modern game.

And after Arsene signs his new deal, we’ll have another two years of this at least, maybe more if Arsene decides that he wants to stay at the club until it kills him. I only hope he does the decent thing and leaves this summer, with some of his reputation in tact, so I can just focus on the first eight years of glory.

Anyway, I should probably be off, because I’m sounding a little depressing and you neither want to read that, nor I write it. I’m going to enjoy my day and you see that you do the same too. Peace out brothers and sisters.