Howdy friends, how are you doing on this footballess Saturday? Hopefully you’re occupying yourselves with something moderately interesting?

We all know Alister Usmanov is doing just that, having thrown his balls on the table with a $1.3billion bid for Arsenal yesterday to buy a controlling stake in the club, with Stan Kroenke sat at the other end staring blankly at the size of the Uzbekistan’s hairy cojones wondering what to do with all the cash that has just been laid out in front of him. I’m not a football finance specialist, nor am I really in the know when it comes to the cashola that Kroenke has spent on acquiring shares at Arsenal, but if what is being suggested is true and the guy will almost triple his return if he sells up, it’s a pretty serious move from a person who has absolutely no relationship with the American owner and can’t even get himself on the board.

Stan Kroenke could be well within his rights to just cash in and do something else with all that monies, but by the sounds of it there is no interest in selling The Arsenal and it will most likely come out officially in the press at some stage that he has rejected the mega money bid.

Why that is really is beyond me, because as we stand at the moment there is nothing good coming from his association from Arsenal, other than the fact he’s made a bit of cash and he’s taking out £3million ‘consultancy fees’ every few years. That is essentially in the form of a dividend but £3million to a billionaire is small change. It’s like the interest that you and I earn from our bank accounts each year when we look on our statements and see that we’ve managed to accumulate a whole seven pence in the course of a year. The other way in which he’s making his csh is by increasing the share value but, if he’s just been offered three times the value to buy his shares, how much m,ore can he get?

Perhaps, as has been suggested, this is all just about flushing other buyers out. Maybe Usmanov has been led to believe by TeamKroenke that they might entertain a bid when in fact, those greedy yanks were just after a solid bid to get others interested. Whatever the reason for yesterday’s bid, to me this all felt a little pointless watching it unravel yesterday. I tweeted yesterday afternoon that it feels like so many summers where we bid for a player, it gets rejected, then we hear nothing more and the club moves in a different direction. When I hear those stories from the press and then confirmed by Arsene and the club, I often roll my eyes and wish I’d never found out. Who cares about players we’ve missed out on and in this instance, who cares about a bid that we all know will get rejected.

And we do know it will get rejected. Because Kroenke is a money-hungry despot who uses his football franchises not for sporting purposes, but to syphon as much cash and raise as much capital for his estate as possible. He is a terrible owner, an absent man in charge who has brought nothing – literally nothing – to Arsenal and I’m getting to the stage with Arsenal that it doesn’t feel like we can have anything go our way and in this instance, that would be him exiting stage left and never being seen in the UK again. A Kroenkeless Arsenal is as appealing – maybe more so actually – than an Arseneless Arsenal but I don’t feel like any of those two scenarios are possible at this moment in time.

So the bid will be rejected, the worry is that Usmanov will pitch up at Everton with his mate Moshiri, and they just spunk all of his mega cash on the second merseyside club. Arsenal will have another billionaires play toy to contend with and we’ll just keep on stagnating because we have an owner who’s limit to his ambition resides within the balance sheet rather than the clubs primary aim as a football team.

Usmanov is a dodgy character. We all know that. He has so many skeletons in his closest that he’s had to buy an Ikea just to fit them all in. He’s bad news but what he has over Kroenke is that he’s more visible, he’s talked about a footballing vision and right now just because he’s not Stan Kroenke, there’s a lot to find his possible ownership appealing over the useless American owner we have. And I find that sad that I’m even writing this. I’m sure Danny Fiszman would never have taken sides with Kroenke if he’d have known just how little the American cared about the club and he would be sad that his legacy has been used to acquire wealth of an American businessman who couldn’t give a monkey’s about the evolution of Arsenal football club.

It’s a sad and uncertain time at Arsenal football club and I fear that this saga will be rumbling on for quite some time yet.

Catch you tomorrow