The great thing about having the FA Cup final after the season has finished, is that we all get to prolong the basking a little bit longer and we get to have some positive memories to take away with us, for which I am rather glad you know.

I’m still revelling in that display and winning the cup. Yes the season was pretty grim at times, yes we have many questions and issues at the club that need to be sorted out, but by gosh isn’t it good to be celebrating silverware.

This is what I was saying to a few of the gentlemen in the pub beforehand and I mean this will all sincerity, that winning a trophy – any trophy – brings far more than finishing second, third or fourth. I’ve seen plenty of Spurs and Liverpool fans taking swipes and laughing at us from my Facebook account, but what I’ve said to all of these people is that I don’t care because I prefer watching my football team winning trophies. That’s the pinnacle for any football fan and when a crowing Spurs supporting mate gave me tried after the NLD, I asked him how many times he’d seen his team lift a cup, because for me it’s now three in four years.

I go to a lot of games and I don’t remember half of the top four run ins, but I can recount with crystal clarity each of the trips to Wembley. Because they are special. They are memorable and they are the moments that you cherish forever.

So yes, I’m disappointed that we finished fifth, but if at the start of the season you told me that we could lift the FA Cup but we’d finish outside the top four, or we could finish second, third or fourth and have nothing, I’d choose the trophy thank you.

We’ve spent too many years before 2014 convincing the world of the importance of the top four trophy, but Hull at Wembley changed everything and now I just want more of that feeling.

I want us to win the Europa League. I want us to win the League Cup. I want us to win the FA Cup. I’d love us to win the Premier League but right now that feels a bit beyond us. But winning trophies is why we all watch football – for that hope – and when that is achieved we should count ourselves lucky.

Today it’s a bank holiday and I’m feeling fine. I’m not quite ready to get in to the murky world of transfers just yet. I’m not going to have any concern as to what happens with Arsène. I’m going to try to milk every moment of Arsenal having won the cup.

I suggest you do it too.

Catch you tomorrow.