Happy Saturday folks. Hope it’s a good one for you? Mine has been good so far. Woken up with a mini hangover. You know the type of hangover where you’re a little tired, but not feeling like death warmed up? Yep, that kind of hangover, which I don’t mind too much. So now I’m sat at my kitchen table typing away in a slightly blurry state, having not watched any football, listening to Scouting for Girls, wondering what the footie scores were last night and I realise: I really couldn’t give a leprechaun’s lesion about what went on yesterday. The only remotely interesting thing about yesterday’s games were whether our players come back broken or not. But given there’s another round of games in a few days that doesn’t really make much difference at the moment.

Looks like Mesut got 90 minutes so the hope must be that he’ll be rested in midweek so he’s got plenty of recovery time. To be fair to Low he is usually sensible with Ozil, it’s normally idiots like whoever is in charge of England who play players when they’re clearly not fit. Although even Southgate is being cautious with Jack and he wasn’t in the squad yesterday. The whole England team has very little of interest to me now and with a quick search telling me that Welbeck got 22 minutes and Lingard inspired a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands last night, it tells me all I nee to know: it probably wasn’t a very entertaining evening in the slightest.

So I feel smug that I haven’t really missed that much.

Ospina played against Ollie G and Iwobi got to get away from the groans of the Emirates to play for Nigeria in Poland. Looks like very little happened for anyone so that'[s good I suppose.

I besmirch international football but in a way it’s been useful at times this season. Gives me a chance to get away from the woes of The Arsenal and let’s face it, this season there have been a few of those, but as usual by the time it gets to Sunday afternoon I feel like something is missing from the weekend. I guess that’s what happens with an addiction/obsession. You find yourself with a bit of a void. Ifs you’re clever enough you can fill it with other things in your life. For me that’s chores, probably a movie or two, maybe even a bit of dinner and chilling with The Management. It’ll be fun and a little different and if there’s any advice I can give to anyone it’s to make sure you fill your life with other interests. It’ll benefit you in the long run.

I do think people get too angry with football and as an Arsenal fan I’m as guilty as the rest. But what I’ve been trying to do in the last 18 months or so is to try not to get as angry. Or at least condense my rage into two to three hour periods in between the football actually being on. Of course when I wake up in the morning and relive it through the medium of a blog it’s a little more difficult to compartmentalise it, but certainly i’ve been finding it easier this season, mainly because of the apathy that the current management regime brings. The ‘sameness’ of Arsenal these days has probably come at a good time in that regard. I’m in my mid thirties and have been ‘in to’ The Arsenal for long enough that I’ll be hooked for life, but I’m also at an age where I’m realising there are other things in life that can make you happy. And that can’t be a bad thing.

Blimey, what a sanctimonious pr*ck I come across as today, eh? Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when there’s no Arsenal news of any note to speak of. I saw some stuff about Bellerin from his agent but really, is “footballer’s agent says everything’s ok” count for news these days? Not for me. I do think he might be off at some stage either this summer or next summer, but that’s not really something to worry us too much at the moment I don’t think.

Right, I’m off to buy some Panini World Cup stickers, which let’s face it is the best thing about the World Cup.

Peace out folks.