Today feels like the first proper ‘lully’ day from a football perspective this summer. Before the World Cup there was build up but also we had the change in Arsenal manager, the swift arrivals of players and the feeling that this summer we actually have a ‘plan’ to the signings that are being made, followed by the start of the World Cup and then constant football to talk about. It’s also helped that the football in the most part has been pretty good and there have been some hum-dingers of games.

But now we just have, well, nothing.

I appreciate we’ve been spoiled and we only have to wait until tomorrow until the footie kicks off again, but today feels weird in that there’s just not a lot going on. I’ve even started to exhaust all of the videos and content on the official website, although I must say that I have rewatched a couple of snippets and I tell you what, I was liking the growling voice of Juan Carlos Carcedo. I found myself chuckling on the tube journey home yesterday with his gruff “yesssss, good, good” and various instructions to the established players.

This was just day one of training and of course the bonds, ties and relationships need to be formed, but I just found it refreshing to see something different. As always the caveat comes with the fact that a proper ball hasn’t been kicked in anger and of course, I’m probably just seeing good things because I’m so desperate to see Arsenal get back to the top of the English game again, but it just felt good and made me even more excited for the new season.

It’s good to feel like this about Arsenal again. It’s good to get really excited. The total unknown quantity of what we’re about to all embark on is too refreshing for me to properly articulate in written word. But you must feel it too, right?

The players are all back together bar a few, they’ll all have a big pre season ahead of themselves, but the fact that we’re not going to see the vast bulk of the team coming back in dribs and drabs is so important for Emery and Carcedo I think. Work on fitness starts now but it’ll be within the next couple of weeks that the tactical side will start to take shape and that, for me, is when I’d really like to start putting the microscope on the team.

But for now we wait patiently. More World Cup tomorrow and I reckon we’ll get another chance to have a look at Torreira tomorrow which will be interesting as he’ll be up against some quality players in that French team.

Can’t wait.

Right, that’s it from me, on account of it being deathly quiet and no football yesterday. I’m off to plot with my brother on how we can convince the respective Management’s that going to legoland for my nephews birthday is probably only a morning and lunchtime thing, that we should definitely be back home before 3pm on Saturday. For no reason whatsoever….