Happy Saturday to all of you wonderful people from a slightly grey Amsterdam, in which this weekend I’ll be spending my time ahead of a marathon on Sunday morning and I must say thanks to the TV companies, because for once they’ve worked in my favour.

I don’t get back from Amsterdam until Monday at around 3pm and so realistically the only kick off time I could make was a Monday evening 8pm. Which is what we’ve got and whilst I’m a naturally pessimistic person when it comes to Arsenal (think Paul – Colin Firth’s character in Fever Pitch), there’s a teeny weeny bit of me that hopes this is a positive sign for the result on Monday.

In the meantime we have to make do with the fact that it’s every other premier League team we have to watch this weekend and whilst I can’t say I’m too hopeful on West H beating that horrible lot in white, I do wonder what a defeat for Mourinho will do to the United team at Chelski. Hopefully continue to perpetuate their shocking form that sees them fall away from the top four race as quickly as possible. As much as I hate Chelski – and I really do – I do like probabilities and if United lose this game at Stamford Bridge and it helps to continue their ‘negative spiral’ then in the long run that might be better for us. Better to eliminate one of the top six as quickly as possible from the equation I say.

I still can’t bring myself to cheer on Chelski tho. So maybe a massive sinkhole will open up underneath Stamford Bridge and both teams will just have to forfeit the game and points.

As for The Arsenal, well, the only stuff going on at the moment is the interview with Vinny and Raoul on the BBC yesterday with the Ornacle. It was a half interesting one; it’s good to hear their voices and see that they’re prepared to get out in front of the cameras and talk Arsenal, but they didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t really already know.

For one thing they said we’re not going to see massive changes with them in charge. I kind of get that. As it stands all of the infrastructure changes at the club have been done. We know that the club is now less dependent on one or two individuals and so in theory if one piece moves on its easier to replace the other piece.

Their comments about who makes final decisions and what happens if there’s a decision between the two didn’t exactly explain a lot either. They both just sort of said “we’ll do it together”.

Yep, ok then, but what happens if you disagree?

“We’ll talk about it together and come up with an answer”

Right…erm…ok. So we’re led to believe that two successful business men with a great deal of power and inevitably what comes from that – ego – are always going to be in unison? I’m not buying that I’m afraid. For me this feels like it’s a holding position until somebody takes over. I know that the club has said there are no plans to bring somebody in. But football moves fast and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Kroenke’s move somebody in to a top dog post next summer, for example.

It’s just how things are. You ultimately need to have somebody who is accountable, somebody who has the final say, because otherwise nothing gets done. Even a co-operative business has somebody at the top to manage the running of the business. This is surely what will eventually happen to Arsenal.

And when that happens, we have to hope they do a better job than the ‘meh’ job done by Gazidis, who will be remembered for saying nothing as Arsène clung to power too long, whilst failing with so many contract negotiations to be decisive, then leaving when he finally had the opportunity to kick Arsenal on.

And that’s just about all I gots to say about that.

Might be back tomorrow, but probably it’ll be Monday with a match review.

Laters folks.