Having a good’un?

Waiting patiently for some form of team news to deep through about tomorrow night’s game?

I hear ya. Totally in the same boat.

I wonder if Unai is dreading the inevitable “are you gonna ply Özil then?” Questions from the media? He’ll surely get fired a few and usually there’s a journo from the opposition team that asks a silly question like “did you ever watch Alex Hleb when he was at Arsenal?” Or something like that.

In truth we all want to hear what the situation is with the team news because with Laca our there’s plenty of speculation that Mesut might actually get a game. Personally I think he won’t because I think Unai will go even harder on his ostracisation (that even a word!?!) of the German. But he won’t give us any inkling tomorrow I suspect. He could of course drop a proper grenade into the mixer by bringing Mesut out as the player that sits besides him in the press conference but if I was to hazard a guess I’d say that won’t be happening tomorrow though! Maybe he’ll just plump for a Mkhitaryan or a Koscielny.

But whatever happens I just hope he’s quite clear that this Arsenal team is going to have the ‘handbrake’ taken off it and we’re going for goals tomorrow. BATE are a team who don’t have a lot going forward so I want to hear Unai talking about being aggressive, about how we’re going to take the team to them and heck, I’d even be happy if he said we’re going for a 2-2-6 formation in pursuit of ALL THE GOALS.

Again, I suspect there’s about as much chance of that happening as Unai skipping in to the press conference arm in arm with Özil. It would be the ultimate “whhaaaaaaaat??” Moment, wouldn’t it? Emery sitting down, ruffling Özil’s hair, telling the gobsmacked journalists that he doesn’t need to Esplayn anything, before high giving Mesut and mouthing “you da man” to his mercurial German talent.

Yep, that’d be ace, plus it would blow up a few narratives that have been developing that’s for sure.

But I guess aside from all that what we’re all really asking is whether we’re going to get the attacking performance we crave first and foremost. The presser will tell us a bit but it’s that game tomorrow – that ridiculously times game – that will tell us more. Until then I guess it’s just wait and watch time.

Or it’s ‘occasional logging in to see the transfer rumour mill endlessly grinding on’ time. I see Lacazette is linked with a move away. I mean honestly, on what planet would that be a good move and on what horrific alternate timeline would selling one of the best players this season be a good idea? I’m just chalking it down to lazy journalism at the moment but I have to be honest and say that nothing surprises me with Arsenal this season. Maybe we’ll sell Lacazette for a nice little undervalued £35million transfer and then get in Alvaro Negredo from Al-Nasr. After all, Unai does ‘know him’….

Anyway, enough of this tittle-tattle, you just enjoy the rest of the day and when Özil rocks up alongside Unai you can “I told you so” me right in the Chevy Chase.