With the Premier League season over and a long summer ahead, there is not much that Arsenal fans can look forward to. July friendlies are still very far away and even when they start they provide no substitute for the excitement and quality of competitive football.

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Disappointed Key Players

Betting on virtual sports and making the summer more interesting can actually be one of the only positive things that Arsenal fans can look forward to if you believe rumours that key players such as Lucas Torreira want to leave the Emirates.

And Torreira is not the only one who has expressed his desire to leave openly. It is a well known fact that Ozil and Emery don’t see eye to eye and it is only a matter of time before their working partnership comes to a close.

The million dollar question here though, is whether it will be Ozil who will leave the club first or will Emery be forced to pack his bags before the Gunners manage to find a buyer for the German.

Problematic Fixtures

One of the biggest concerns which will likely be on Unai Emery’s mind is the tricky EPL fixture list. The Gunners have arguably the most difficult start to the season and many pundits have already expressed their belief that it will be this fixture list which will spell the end for Emery.

This is because Arsenal kick off their season against Newcastle, a team that the Gunners have had quite a lot of problems with in the past. Furthermore, this match is played away from home and away form has been one of Arsenal’s most glaring weaknesses under Emery.

After that match comes a duel with the always tricky Clarets at the Emirates. For Arsenal fans it will be a must to get six points at the start of the season because their next two matches are against Liverpool away and against arch rivals Tottenham at home.

The fact that there is an international break after these four matches will be a perfect opportunity for Arsenal and Emery to take stock and evaluate the start of the season and what changes might need to be made.

No Transfer Strategy in Place

Another problem that Emery will face going into the new season is the fact Arsenal will probably fail to adequately strengthen their team during the summer.

This is because the Arsenal board has shown many times before that the only money that they invest in new players is the money that they get for their own players. However, the problem with this strategy is that you have to have players in your team that will fetch a lot of money. Arsenal currently have only a couple of those.

Their head of recruitment shambles are largely responsible for this and it is fair to say that the Gunners transfer strategy has been as poor as Ed Woodward’s more publicised Manchester United recruitment fiasco if not worse.