This may well end up being a rather short blog today if I’m honest, because talking about transfer rumours, getting annoyed with the politics of what is going on at Arsenal, bemoaning targets missed or opportunities that go begging, feels a little inconsequential after what happened in yesterday’s Denmark vs Finland game.

I was in the garden with the TV on in the kitchen when I walked in to see that the player had collapsed and was having CPR administered to him and I must admit to getting a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I’d heard that he’d collapsed with nobody around him. Details are still emerging as to why he collapsed and the fantastic news is that by the end of yesterday Christian Eriksen had been awake, talking to his teammates and had even been part of the discussion to finish off the game. But when I was watching the footage yesterday I had the fear that this would be Marc Vivian Foe all over again. The Cameroonian midfielder collapsed in 2003 and never recovered and that’s probably what most of us feared yesterday for Eriksen. But he pulled through and thankfully his family are able to speak to their father, husband, son, etc.

Family – that’s what immediately comes to mind in a situation like this and perhaps naturally I put myself in the shoes of Eriksen’s family. What if that were my brother? What if it was my partner that had just collapsed and I had to watch on. I went outside and gave the wife a big hug. I told her I loved her and put a message on my family WhatsApp group that I loved them all and was sending virtual hugs to them, as we live quite a distance away. If they’d have lived round the corner I’d have gone over and hugged my mum and dad tightly right then.

A situation like this reaffirms what is important in life and I am thankful for the loved ones and people in my life. I’m thankful for the friends I have across all elements of my life, including The Arsenal, with whom I have a collective who I will be hopefully meeting up with again in the near fture to share stories, successes, consolation in failure for our football club. But at least we’ll all be together.

I’m thankful for you guys too. I don’t get thousands of people reading the blog each morning – probably because most of the time it’s just incoherent rambling with typos and factual inaccuracies replaced with just my opinion, but the fact there are some people out there who seem to want to pay attention to my Arsenal ramblings makes me happy and even if you disagree with me, even if you want to call me an idiot, that’s fine. Because I know that we’re all part of the same family – the Arsenal family – and even though some people might all be at each other’s throats at times, we all share the same level of passion for our football team. That makes us a virtual family and whilst you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, I’m glad you’re hear and I send you my virtual hugs today after what I saw yesterday.

Catch you all tomorrow with some more of the usual transfer nonsense or thoughts on the games today.

Have a good one and hug those closest to you.

Laters peeps.