Tonight history can be made if Chelski can beat or draw with the Spuds, which will mean the title is Leicester City’s and in a season which has truly turned out to be one of the most disappointing under Arsene Wenger, it is somewhat fitting that we have to find ourselves cheering on the evil that is that West London club.

I’m really not sure I can watch it to be honest. It is a fixture that in my mind should be bundled up in to a capsule and shot out in to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. But nevertheless, we need it to happen today and we need the morally bankrupt club to beat our closest geographical rivals.

Another fixture which went in our favour yesterday was Southampton doing to Moneychester City, exactly what they did to us, by smashing them at St Mary’s. It means we’re three points clear of the Sky Blues and if we can muster a draw next weekend – something we’ve become quite adept at in recent games – then we should be able to secure third. Oh, ’twill be the happiest of days, won’t it?

Obviously no. This season cannot be salvaged and after the fractious exchanges that happen online and also around the ground where I am situated of late, I don’t think that anything can repair the damage that has been done between the fanbase and the club/Wenger right now. There have been a few people – like the Arseblogger for example – who have suggested that the best we can hope for is that Arsene spends the cash in the summer because he’ll definitely be the manager. I don’t think anybody thinks any different, but I’m not sure that even that will be enough any more. People seem to have reached the Wenger support precipice and are now leaping off in their droves. The only difference between those that are holding up banners and those that aren’t – even the ones who sang ‘one Arsene Wenger’ – is that some are shouting at the top of their voices as they leap, where as others are simply plummeting in silence.

I don’t know how Arsene can recover from the goodwill of fans that has been eroded. Not after this season. It feels like there has been a terminal breakdown in the relationship between this great man – and regardless what you think about him now, he is a great man – and us as a fanbase. Even half a dozen ‘mega-signing’s won’t stop people from suggesting that he wouldn’t be able to get the best out of them anyway. That’s certainly how I feel. I have never looked forward to a season end as much as this and I have never thought i’d be so not looking forward to a season beginning than next one. I suppose the saving grace is that time is a great healer. So in terms of watching football, of missing it and becoming quite desperate to see Arsenal again, I may just find myself getting excited come the beginning of August. I hope so. I hope I don’t have the apathy of somebody who says “who cares? We’ve got another season of Wenger and the same football anyway, so what does it matter?”. For those people I hope I have pity, because if you can’t take joy in the start of a season with all of its hope for the nine months ahead, then you may not take enjoyment from anything football-related.

I really hope that doesn’t happen to me. I really hope I can recapture some of the spirit that has been squeezed out of me in the last couple of months. Because I prefer being positive than negative. It is boring. It doesn’t help you in your life and seeing the glass as half empty is, i’m convinced, a sure-fire way to reduce your life expectancy or something.

Still, I shouldn’t get too down, because I’m off to a water park today. Hooray!

Catch you tomorrow.