So there we have it. Leicester City are Premier League champions. Weird, huh?

There’s plenty of football fans saying that you have to be pleased for them, that this isn’t something that happens in the era of big money football, so we should all be rejoicing in what Leicester have achieved. Whilst I too must admit how impressed I am in their achievement though, I can’t say specifically that I’m ‘pleased’ for them, because I am a football fan of a rival club. So in essence it doesn’t matter which of the other 19 Premier League football clubs won the league, if it wasn’t Arsenal, then I could never honestly be ‘pleased’ in it’s truest form.

But what they have achieved is eminently more palatable than the Spuds winning the league, which is once again mathematically impossible after they dropped two points against Chelski, having held a two-goal lead at half time. Were they to go on and snaffle the league title from Leicester’s grasp I would have made life as an Arsenal fan seem even more dire, as I’m sure we all know a few of them in our own personal lives. They’ve taken great pleasure in gloating over Arsenal’s failure in recent past, so imagine what they’d have been like if they were to be crowned Champions?

But I’m certainly not going to engage in too much schadenfreude at the expense of the Tiny Totts, because I’m afraid i’m still a bit scarred from the failure that has been our season to date, so I simply don’t feel like taking pleasure in their disappointment is something I can embrace. That’s the sort of thing we let them do. It’s the sort of thing we allow the Totts to have because they simply haven’t had enough success themselves over the years. So for us to take so much pleasure in their ‘nearly’ show, only serves to shine a light more brightly on the failure of the manager and this season’s players.

There’s talk from Nacho about treating the City game as a final, for which I appreciate his sentiment, but I don’t think we’ll be catching the Spuds. They’d have to lose both remaining games or draw both and we would have to win both, to reach 73 points and for it to be a pretty standard Arsenal season when you look back at recent history, but I suspect that won’t be enough for second. It hasn’t in the last five or six years so I doubt it will be now.

But back to Leicester, who I think will be looking at hitting around the 80 points mark at the weekend, and what that means for Arsenal. Actually, what it means for all of the teams in the division, because this achievement from an unfancied side will, I’m convinced, throw down a greater challenge to everyone in the league. No longer is the possibility of success confined to the traditional elite teams at the top of the league. A precedent has been set and teams will now believe that because of what Leicester have done, every team has the capability to achieve what they have, with the only requirements being the right kind of environment to thrive, the right kind of attitude and a few key things falling in their favour. Perhaps Arsenal players should be taking note of this. If Leicester can do it, then why can’t Arsenal.

We can. We have the players ‘technically’ good enough to do it, but that one word in the paragraph above stands out like a supernova star to me: attitude. I’m just not sure that our players have the attitude, or certainly the belief in themselves, to muster a sustained title challenge. So what do they need to do to get that? I don’t know, but something has to give, whether that’s a new manager, playing staff, or whatever, but something has to change at Arsenal. And really you want that change now.

Catch you all tomorrow.