The two bits of big news coming out from tomorrow appear to be at right ends of the rumour spectrum. On one side we have a rumour which is related to transfer gossip and therefore probably more spurious than Dr Spurious of Spurious Town, with a PhD in Spuriology, whilst on the other side we have injury rumours that usually come from a reputable source and therefore will probably be more true than we’d like to imagine.

So let’s start with that this morning, in which the rumours Of Danny Welbeck are that he could be out for between three to six months. Normally I wouldn’t link to somebody on Twitter not dealing in what is currently only conjecture, but Dean is a very reliable source and has proven on many occasions to be correct with some of the snippets of information he gives. What that means is that Welbeck will not only miss the Euro’s, but probably also the start of next season, even if he’s out for three months. Three months from today is 10th August, which is essentially the start of the season, but that would be the optimistic assessment. If he’s out until the end of that estimated period, he’s gone until November, so probably won’t be seen on a football pitch for Arsenal until at least December.

It’s a horribly unfortunate circumstance he finds himself in and you have to feel for him. He was getting back into the team, looking like the best option for us in central attack, has scored some important goals and you’d definitely think he would have had a good opportunity to make a positive impact at the Euro’s and buoyant for the new season. But this injury is ill-timed for everyone and what’s worse in terms of how unfortunate he is, it wasn’t even the injured knee, it was the opposite one that appeared to jar. If it was the same knee then you’d be worried that this was going to be an ongoing thing, but with it being the other knee, then we have to hope this was just unlucky and he’s not going to become a new Wilshere/Diaby.

Get well soon Welbz.

As for the other news, well, that’s brought to you by the Spuriology Institute, because it appears to me as if the papers have taken the lose tongue admission of David Sullivan that they have already bid £24million for a player in France and are going for another player in England next week, to mean that Theo Walcott is next on their radar. To me, that smacks of trying to put two and two together to conjure up some kind of a click bait story that will have people talking, but more importantly the papers in question can claim some kind of editorial ‘scoop’ for getting in there first. Guess what journos? With social media being so instant these days, we don’t need you to try to score some kind of insider knowledge points, because most of us find out quicker than you can publish anyway!

In reality, that would probably work really well for us, because he’s been as effective as a Nokia 5110 is at finding out football scores online. He’s not getting games, he’s probably missing out on the Euro’s, he’s not really added that much value to our season. In joining West Ham he could be their poster boy for the new stadium, he might have some success for them and if we can get £24million for him and get him off the wage book then it’s probably best for all concerned that he goes.

He’s shown at times that he can be an effective attacker and he had that season in which he bagged more than 20 goals for us, but someone I follow on Twitter suggested that he’s only one injury away from losing his speed and at 27 he’s at his peak value, so if Arsenal could get anywhere near £20million, that would be amazing. To be honest with you, given his wages, if he was sold for £15million I don’t think many could complain. Think about how hard it was to offload Bendtner, Denilson and Arshavin; I suspect that Walcott will be equally difficult with his £140k-per-week deal he currently has.

If it happens though, let’s all prepare ourselves for his first game against us being hat-trick laden, as he benefits from a Koscielny fall over, a Cech and Per mix up and an under hit Coquelin back pass, right?

There isn’t really anything else blabbering on about, Arsenal related, I’m afraid. I mean, the last thing we want to do is to relive the pretty average performance against City, no? Or the fact that Olivier Giroud suggests he’s been a little bit unlucky of late. I’d like to counter that by suggesting that back heeling to opponents (like he did at Sunderland) is a little more than just ‘bad luck’. But there you go. Anyway, see’s y’all tomorrow.