14 09, 2021

What to do with Patino, Balogun and Nketiah?

By |2021-09-14T07:41:30+01:00September 14th, 2021|Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, League Cup, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Transfers, youth|0 Comments

Morning folks and welcome to Tuesday. Well, what do we have right now then, in terms of Arsenal news, eh? It always goes a little quiet after a win like this and the introspection and teeth gnashing stops a little, or at least slows down, so it's nice having a little look around the internet [...]

27 08, 2021

Arteta bright-eyed and batting off Aubameyang speculation

By |2021-08-27T08:16:58+01:00August 27th, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, premier league, press conference, Transfers|0 Comments

No messing around from Arteta yesterday, was there? What I mean by that was he dropped a press conference in the morning following what will have been a late night on the Wednesday. I left pretty much after the final whistle on Wednesday and I got home at half 12, so they must have got [...]

24 08, 2021

Exits key to right back issue at The Arsenal?

By |2021-08-24T07:37:39+01:00August 24th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, Transfers|0 Comments

It seems like there apears to be some movement in the departure lounge at London Colney. Over the last 48 hours we've heard stories about Palace wanting Nketiah for £10million, Fiorentina wanting Torreira for €1.5million loan deal and €15million option to buy at the end of next season, as well as...drumroll...Corinthians wanting Willian on a [...]

20 08, 2021

The boost of Auba and new signings

By |2021-08-20T07:35:29+01:00August 20th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Transfers|2 Comments

Certainly a fair ol' chunk of stuff to get our teeth in to this morning, eh? Firstly the signings, which will be announced today and there are even one or two fuzzy/grainy pics going round of what looks like Martin Odegaard with the media team at Arsenal doing a video shoot outside. I think we [...]

19 08, 2021

The media bashing on Odegaard is because Arsenal are a big club

By |2021-08-19T07:45:08+01:00August 19th, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Rant, Transfers|8 Comments

If there's one thing that is sure to brighten up a day, it is a shiny new signing, so today we're hoping there's one to speak of and I suspect there will be. Apparently Odegaard had his medical yesterday and after that happens there's usually some pictures and a video made up, so I wonder [...]

18 08, 2021

Odegaard the ‘no brainer’ deal that Arsenal had to do

By |2021-08-18T07:20:52+01:00August 18th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Transfers|4 Comments

I kinda did a fair bit of thoughts yesterday on Odegaard,  in saying that I'm hoping for that instead of Coutinho, so perhaps yesterday evening was just the football karma gods cutting me a break as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last night to see that David Ornstein and a couple of Norwegian [...]

17 08, 2021

Coutinho to Arsenal should be instant dismissal, but hope remains in Odegaard

By |2021-08-17T07:17:37+01:00August 17th, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Transfers|1 Comment

Yesterday I was playing catch up on the game from Friday and so I didn't really have the online page space to talk about some of the transfer rumours currently going around. Which is just as well, because the one that emerged yesterday that Sky Sports are now reporting on is that Barcelona want to [...]

11 08, 2021

No Ramsdale for Sheffield United, No Ramsdale for Arsenal, please…

By |2021-08-11T07:40:42+01:00August 11th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, pre season, premier league, Transfers|3 Comments

Last night Sheffield United beat Carlisle in the first round of the League Cup and Aaron Ramsdale did not feature. Cue the noises online about an impending transfers and a possible deal to Arsenal, which was shortly followed by a general outpouring of disdain from my social media timelines. Honestly, I don't think there has [...]

10 08, 2021

Holding out for a Tammy?

By |2021-08-10T07:38:25+01:00August 10th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, Defence, pre season, premier league, Transfers|1 Comment

You know the rumour I can really get behind on a Tuesday morning in terms of outgoings at the club? Rob Holding to Newcastle for £20million. Ooh dawg now THAT would be a good deal that would make us all raise eyebrows and nod impressively at our back office team trying to secure some exits [...]

7 08, 2021

Transfer gridlock as everyone is playing ‘chicken’

By |2021-08-07T08:52:05+01:00August 7th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, finances, premier league, Transfers|0 Comments

Well, we're now at T-minus six days and counting and we still: Have no senior back up 'keeper to Leno who isn't a youth team player Got the right back position sorted, with Bellerin's future in the air Are staring down the barrel of a Xhaka/Elneny partnership for that first game of the season. That [...]

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