So as we hit the midway point in the working week for many (like me), we’re still no closer to finding out what the situation is with Jamie Vardy, with the latest rumours coming from the press that a decision will not be made just yet. Apparently he wants to focus on the Euro’s. 

I really find it staggering when players use excuses like that. Mainly because a situation like this is actually worse for his concentration than better. Think about it; he has supposedly delayed a decision about a big money move, where he’ll have to relocate his family to London, which means new house, life and probably new friends. He’ll have to establish his credentials in a new team and he’ll need to understand the dynamics of the team too. Or he can remain where he is and be comfortable, with that nagging feeling over him of ‘what if?’ for likely the rest of his career. How would that not adversely affect your play or preparation for a major tournament. 

Of course the other theory is that the decision has already been made. He’s already got it done and dusted but he doesn’t want to announce anything. If that’s true, then it favours Arsenal, because why keep Leicester fans on tenterhooks if you’ve already decided to stay?

The other conspiracy theory, which Ben suggested to me yesterday, is that the deal may be done and the lack of announcement is to allow Leicester to find a replacement. It would be very similar to Giroud signing for us. He was brought in, then I think I remember rightly That Dutch Bloke’s deal was done to United a couple of weeks later. Clearly Arsène and Ivan knew the situation surrounding the striker, but a silence was agreed, so Arsenal could find a replacement.

Of course that is just conjecture at this stage, but it’s not unrealistic to make that assumption, I don’t think.

What doesn’t help Arsenal fans online is reading stories about City wanting Aubameyang, which is enough to send many into meltdown, because it’s a player that many football fans would cover for their team. I am one of said fans. I think he’s a fantastic player and were a deal able to be struck between Dortmund and Arsenal, it would be the stuff of my dreams, but the second City are linked to any player it means they’re effectively a write off. Since the demise of FFP, the normal order of oil whore clubs doing what they want has been restored, because they know the football authorities have no real balls to do anything. So if this deal goes through, City have Aguero, Aubameyang, de Bruyne and Sterling, who I still think will come good. It’s frightening. 

What’s also frightening is us being linked with Sissoko. He can be a very good player on his day, but having family members in the North East who are Geordie fans, as well as seeing him a few times myself, I can’t really see where he would fit in at Arsenal, or why we would want to shell out for a player who looks like he only turns up to some games when he feels like it. We’ve done all that with Arshavin, haven’t we?

The only way I can see it working is if we offloaded four or five of our midfield, freeing up some space which quite frankly, I just don’t see happening. Our priority isn’t in the position Sissoko has – it’s in other areas like striker, wide forward or centre half.

Hopefully it’s just a bit of paper talk.

There doesn’t really seem to be much more news out there at the moment, other than the club announcing where it’s final friendly matches are going to be played before the season starts, but the only news about that is the fact that we Mather to see Auba before we expect. The only problem is, it would be in a Man City shirt…sigh…

Catch y’all tomorrow kids.