So, it turns out that this Euro’s can bring more than just hooliganism and violence in the stands. It can also bring hilarity. Thanks Cristiano. The most narcissistic person at the tournament misses a penalty and the only people who are truly unhappy at that are in the west of Europe at the very edge of the continent. As I said in the blog yesterday, I love the Portuguese, but that guy being who he is, everyone can revel in a bit of schadenfreude, probably even some Portuguese.

The only down side of this tournament is that it is quite forgiving. After all, even the Republic of Ireland, who have just one point, find themselves still in it, which means Portugal could still beat Hungary and go through. I’d prefer if it wasn’t at the expense of the plucky Icelanders though, who picked up their second point of the tournament. I quite like seeing how many random references to their population that people can pull together, so having them get deeper in to the competition, would at least allo that to continue.

In the other part of the world currently doing a bit of footie, Alexis Sanchez popped up with a goal for Chile against Mexico to put his country through to the semis. Hopefully that does his confidence plenty of good, but I just hope he gets enough rest time between now and when the season starts. The guy may be an energiser bunny when it comes to his work rate, but we saw last season what happens when it catches up with him, so let’s just hope he can recuperate better when the tournament finishes. The good thing is that if they’re at the quarter final stage already, I’d expect the tournament to finish within the next eek or so, which will surely mean he gets a bit more of a rest as opposed to his European counterparts.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a bit of an Arsenal love-in this evening, haven’t we? Giroud, Koscielny and Xhaka all take part in France versus Switzerland and there’s even an Arsenal old boy in the shape of Djourou too. Bet the commentator are going to curse their luck when Olivier is being marked by Johan. I think that game has a draw written all over it to be honest with you. France are essentially through, Switzerland need the win but will probably not push too much for fear of a French counter, so if I was to lay a shiny new pound on anything, I’d go for a draw.

Right, that’s it for me today. A bit of a short one because I’ve got some recovery work to do after an evening on the beers and some sort of 75% spiced rum that burned on the way down. I’ll catch you sexy bitches tomorrow.