So after last night’s dramatic climax, we now know who will play who in the next round of the Euro’s, with all the home nations getting to the last 16 and Wales up against Northern Ireland. I hope the Irish give that monkey-looking fecker Bale something to cry about, but I suspect they might have to much for the Norn Iron’s. 

England managed to bag themselves what appears to be a plum draw against the frozen food supermarkets and, whilst I understand the whooping and hollering at the fact that we’re up against an unfancied side, Woy Hodgson’s words keep ringing in my ears.

You know the ones. Where he said that the knockout stages of the competition would mean teams are forced to come out and play us. Sorry Woy, but if you think that Lars Lagerback’s men are doing anything else other than playing for penalties, hoping for free kicks/corners like every team have played for against England in this competition, then you’re in for a shock my friend.

I suspect England will once again be left ruing the lack of craft in midfield in the form of a decent playmaker. As I said yesterday about Özil for Germany, England don’t have that, they don’t have a kingmaker and I think that will cost them.

The side of the draw England are on also means that any short-term joy over a decent draw, quickly melts away when you see that England will probably have to overcome France, then one of Germany/Spain/Italy before they reach the final. The other side of the draw is certainly the more favourable, so had England picked up an extra win instead of a draw, they’d probably fancy their chances of going deep in to the competition. But Ho-hum, such is life, and anyway nobody was expecting anything to be simple with England, were they?

Elsewhere, Zlatan retires from international football, having literally done nothing for Sweden in three matches. Long may that form continue under Jose’s evil reign at United. 

Also, a quick word for the Irish, who’s colour and general craziness remains in the competition, which I couldn’t be happier about, because they’re a great bunch of people. It’s probably fair to say having a rotated Italian team who probably couldn’t be arsed helped them out a bit, but who cares? Their fans deserve another day in France to enjoy and who knows, maybe they can find themselves a little luck and set up a potential clash with England. That’d be a spicy and entertaining affair, wouldn’t it?

Look at me, all this international talk and not a mention of The Arsenal, how outrageous. But I guess that’s what happens when there’s the square root of bugger all going on. Things might start to pick up after the weekend though, as players return home having been knocked out of the competition, which means agents will be able to get their grubby mits on players and start offering them around globally to the highest bidder. That’s all stuff we can look forward to…

Shall I do a See prediction for the final? Ok then, as you asked so nicely, or what I’m assuming you’ve asked so nicely as you can’t actually tell me until after I’ve written this. Anyway, I reckon we’re going to see a Croatia/Germany final. Germany have the best team on our side of the draw and had Belgium not performed so poorly against Italy, I’d have opted for them given their firepower, but I just think they look a little fragile. Croatia have been impressive and I think they’ll overcome Portugal, then possibly Poland, to set up a semi with the Belgians. Just my hunch.

Anyway, off to work again for me, which is hardly ideal. I’d love to ‘opt out’ if I’m honest, but nobody would pay me well enough to watch TV and write one blog a day about my football-related nonsense, so I guess I’ll be back tomorrow coming atcha from a rammed Metropolitan Line heading towards London.

Laters potaters.