Isn’t life grand at the moment? I mean, we’re playing well, scoring goals, winning football matches and the team are properly showing up. I’m excited at the moment, I have to tell you. But shall I tell you what I’m most happy about?

Whisper it as I say this…..Nobody is talking about us.

It’s weird you know. We’ve swept aside Chelski, looked awesome against Basel, yet everyone – and I mean media and pundits alike – are still getting their jollies out of Liverpool, United and City. Even with the possible jose implosion looming on the horizon.

Oh how I’d love to see that horizon. It’d be like being in Ibiza on the sunset strip. Everyone gets all introspective and happy, applauding at the end. That’s how I envisage most of the football community feeling if Jose has another strike out with United.

But anyway, yeah, Arsenal. We’re sort of flying under the radar at the moment. The bookies aren’t even getting too excited with us at the moment. But do you know what? I’m ok with that. I’m fine with nobody talking abaout us. Nobody talked about Leicester last season and granted, if we were to finally get over the line and win the league it wouldn’t be as much of a shock as Leicester last year, but it still feels as if most of the average pundits out there have their lines on Arsenal and they don’t fancy deviating from them. You know the ones, the ‘Arsenal won’t do it when it’s cold’ types. The ‘Arsenal in February is what I want to see’ brigade. All of them lot. They are just salivating at the thought of us not being able to do it until May.

But screw ’em. Certainly now. Certainly as we’re comprehensively winning games and sweeping teams aside. I’m liking Arsenal a lot at the moment and I’m wanting to see more of this. Maybe I’m getting a  little ahead of myself. After all, it was this time last year that Theo was the answer to all of our striker problems, we’d banished the poor record of playing United and we were looking like a decent shout to go on a run. Eventually we faltered, but it was this time last year that we had hope. And hope is a marvelous thing. It does a lot for a football fan. It’s what drives us on. It can be dashed quickly – we all know that –  but when your team is playing well and you have it in abundance, it can be glorious.

We all know that it can all fall flat on our faces. We’ve had some embarrassing situations in previous years. But we’ve got an opportunity here to build some real momentum and I fofr one am started to get excited again. It sort of feels like my old Ford Sierra Sapphire. Back in the day, before automatic chokes and when electric windows were a luxury, my Sierra used to hate the cold. It would conk out on specific parts of a journey to work or sixth form. But when it was warm, when it had seen a good 15 minutes of action on the tarmac, it felt like a beaut to drive around. That’s what this season has felt like so far. It’s felt like we’ve started off cold, taken a while to get going, but now we’re taking corners like a McClaren car.

I just hope we can keep purring like one.

Anyway, just some evening musings I thought I’d share. Let me know what you think.