So we’re into day two of the post-Wenger era and unsurprisingly it looks like some people are losing their sh*t. It’s unsurprising because today’s modern footballing community of fans want everything instantly. New signings, new managers, trophies, new kits, news in general. Everything has to be right this second and if it isn’t then there’s a meltdown of terrible-twos-toddler proportions.

I mean come on now people, we’ve only just finished the season two days ago, yet some are getting worked up already!?!

You’d have thought we’d never been through a transfer window, because that’s exactly what this is that we’re into now and if anyone thinks that this will be any different to our approach to player acquisition, well…I think you’ll be quite mistaken.

Rumour, conjecture, counter rumour, before something is announced. That’s how this all works. That’s how it’s always worked. Arsenal may or may not have already picked their man, but they’re not going to do anything about it just yet are they? Not when Wenger still has his stuff in the office!

The club are going to keep this under wraps until the end of May. I can feel it in my bones. We’re on 15th May today. That leaves them 10-15 days to talk to the remaining candidates – of which we already know who they are given all of the media talk (there’s nothing that’s secret any more as we know) – plus there’s another week before the Italian season finishes I believe and then when the dust has settled on the Europa League and Champions League finale, when Wenger has properly emptied his desk, that’s when we’ll see some noises. But it’ll be noises without public announcement because, just like any player deal, the club will do photo shoots, social media artwork, prep their roll out plan, then finally we’ll get a press conference.

Do that press conference is before the May bank holiday here in the UK – Monday 28th May – I’d be stunned.

So for any people getting a little irate, just chill, because we’re in for a bit of a wait. Also, don’t worry too much about what people say. Remember when Arsenal signed Santi? Wenger claimed he didn’t even know who he was!

Remember when Louis van Gaal was replaced by Jose? It’s one of the few times in life when we heard nothing from the Portuguese and when we did, he simply said he couldn’t talk.

Don’t believe all the noises about Nagelsmann’s unavailability, about Allegri’s loyalty, because football changes quickly and we all know that if there’s enough money involved and enough of an exciting ‘project’ then it’ll happen one way or another.

I do find it interesting that there isn’t a random name come from left of field though. We’ve all heard of the Arteta stuff, of Nagelsmann, Allegri, Enrique. But I wonder if there’s an Eduardo-style name that is being kept under wraps that the club is talking too. I suspect they’re looking for something like that, looking for the next Wenger who is in a corner of the footballing universe that isn’t under the spotlight.

It would probably be difficult because there are cameras, smartphones and 4G connections everywhere these days, so if anybody were to spot Ivan out and about with Sven looking like they’ve got their game faces on, there’d be something on a social media platform before the end of any meeting had even finished.

So I’m reckoning it’ll be one of the obvious candidates and whilst I’ve said my piece yesterday about Arteta, I do like the idea of Nagelsmann, because he represents something a little more in the mould of what Arsenal are looking for. He’d be more malleable to our structure and a team like Arsenal would be a decent enough step up for him, perhaps even as a middle ground before taking on one of the mega clubs like Madrid, Barca, Bayern, you’d probably put Juve in that bracket too given that they win their league every season.

I can’t process to know loads about him but I do know that he’s impressed in the Bundesliga and he looks the right profile. I do also think that of all of the senior back room appointments that have been made so far, the relationship between the Head Coach and the chief scout need to be one of the most symbiotic. Those two are going to be sorting out the Football side whilst Ivan, Raul and Huss do the business part of the football. So I could understand why Sven is having a bit of influence.

The hope is that the footballing side is having more influence though, rather than the business side, which would probably be the more risk-taking in terms of footballistically, rather than financially. That’s why Tricky Micky Arteta is so heavily linked and Ivan’s choice I suspect; he’d certainly be the cheapest option.

Anyway, I should probably stop my own second-guessing and conjecture, and drag my sorry carcass into work.

Catch you all later.