15 03, 2023

The Balogun / Nketiah debate – can we have both?

By |2023-03-15T09:31:43+00:00March 15th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, contracts, Europa League, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Transfers|4 Comments

Morning folks and welcome to Wednesday. Having to go old school on the blog today, because the desktop version of the site seems to have gone down, so until that is up and running, I’m penning some thoughts from the iPhone, so please excuse the inevitable typos and predictive text change words in to other [...]

24 02, 2023

Saka’s deal delight – for all parties

By |2023-02-24T08:27:30+00:00February 24th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, contracts, Europa League, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, premier league|0 Comments

Happy Friday folks! Hope you're planning on having a good'un. I know I am - I'm off to The Emirates for a VIP stadium Tour that The Management bought me for my birthday last year. Yep, it's a stadium tour guided by none other than Lee Dixon, then a slap up three course meal with [...]

22 02, 2023

The class of Arsenal; also attracting Rice?

By |2023-02-22T08:43:48+00:00February 22nd, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, gooners, Gunners, History, injuries, Mikel Arteta, Transfers|0 Comments

Happy hump day folks. Hope you're all feeling good? I bet London Colney is feeling good at the moment, which is just as well, because we face a very tough task in Leicester City on Saturday. As I was on my morning run this morning, I thought about the game at the weekend and how [...]

30 01, 2023

Arsenal need to pivot quickly after latest Caicedo rebuff

By |2023-01-30T08:38:14+00:00January 30th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, contracts, gooners, Gunners, midfield, premier league|1 Comment

Welcome to Transfer Deadline Day week folks. Strap yourselves in, because the next 40ish hours or so are going to be rather trying, as usual, I suspect. I said I wasn't going to get too connected to the Moises Caicedo stuff, but after flying back from Newcastle last night hand having a solid hour and [...]

23 12, 2022

Arteta’s ‘active’ Arsenal

By |2022-12-23T08:31:16+00:00December 23rd, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, pre season, premier league, press conference|0 Comments

With the Christmas weekend now upon us, we have been granted some lovely ol' content presents from Arsenal, as Arteta faced the press yesterday ahead of the  West Ham game on Monday night. First and foremost, the injury and player availability was the first thing he was quizzed on and the music to all Arsenal [...]

21 12, 2022

Paying Martinelli his worth

By |2022-12-21T07:48:11+00:00December 21st, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, contracts|0 Comments

Morning gooners,  how we feeling today, eh? Are we feeling good? Chipper? Looking forward to the festive period? Mine starts today and I'm off work until 3rd January, so the probability of my usual earlier morning chuntering on is likely to be replaced by a slightly belated service. Especially after I start tucking in to [...]

21 11, 2022

The World Cup kicks off; Saliba questions start…

By |2022-11-21T08:39:57+00:00November 21st, 2022|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, Internationals|0 Comments

Morning folks, how are we all doing then, eh? This weekend I've watched most of that FID+FA documentary and my word, isn't that organisation a real piece of work, eh? And as for that Qatar 2022 bid, blimey, it wasn't exactly the most convincing of tales told by the people behind that bid, that's for [...]

22 10, 2022

A great Gabriel day – for him and us

By |2022-10-22T08:57:06+01:00October 22nd, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, contracts, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

Happy Saturday you wonderful people. It might be an Arsenal-less one, but hopefully you can find enough enjoyable other things in your life to have a good one nonetheless. The good news from an Arsenal perspective today is that Gabriel - the big one at centre half - confirmed that he’s signed a new deal [...]

4 10, 2022

Tuesday Granit Xhaka Appreciation Day

By |2022-10-04T08:08:06+01:00October 4th, 2022|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, contracts, midfield, premier league|0 Comments

It may be Tuesday, it may be three days since the North London Derby, but I'm still soaking up all of the #content I can find. I've been playing the Peter Drury commentary of the goals and the full time whistle this morning. Google  it or search for it on twitter, you'll find it and [...]

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