I’m off to Germany this weekend, currently urging in a London airport, waiting for my three hour-delayed flight to get here and I’ll be honest with you I really couldn’t be bothered to even start today’s Arsenal thinking’s. Yet here I am, typing away, with possibly one of the most ‘meh’ Premier League weekend’s I can remember.

Seriously, I’m trying to remember a more meaningless feeling game than the one being played tomorrow at Turf Moor. We aren’t getting near the eight goal swing it will take for us to qualify for the Champions League; we threw our chances with two pathetic home performances against Palace and Brighton, two teams that had nothing to play for and yet we still sh*t the bed.

What’s also made the game tomorrow even more ‘meh’ is the fact we have a big Cup Final on the horizon which means this game pales in to insignificance really. Last season was a ‘cheerio’ to Wenger, the season before we had an FA Cup final to look at, the season before that we fluffed the league but still had a laugh on the last day as we finished second to pip the ‘Put the Pressure on’ brigade, so there seems to always be something to look at for the final game of the season. But this season is more meaningless than ever.

Which is why I’m not fussed about the result and oddly I kind of would be ok if we got shafted by some classic Mike Deaning.

Let me explain my working here.

You see I’m a big believer in football karma. I believe the football gods like to readdress the balance sometimes, which is why I’d be ok with it tomorrow, because we’ve had one or two contentious decisions up there in recent years. So if the balance is redressed tomorrow and we lose, only for us to get a lovely old last minute penalty against Burnley next season, then I’d be more than ok with that.

If there’s anyone capable of shoddy decisions then it’s Mikey Dean.

Our attention turns to that Europa League final and having been told that Arsenal are only getting 6,000 tickets to the cup final, UEFA responded in one of the most pathetic ways possible.

Their answer to the allocation was to tell the world that Azerbaijan could only cater for the influx of 15,000 supporters. So in other words UEFA have agreed to a venue that does not have the infrastructure to deal with a cup final like this. Which begs the question: why did they agree to host it their in the first place?

Money. It’s always about money and here in their statement we have the biggest example of the corruption of both UEFA and FIFA as well whilst we’re at it. Both footballing governing bodies are a disgrace and this just further highlights it. It’s horrendous that football is going this way but what more can we do?

I’m hoping the club recognise this and go for a big screen showing at The Emirates. That would probably get a big crowd going along I reckon and if there is a showing then I’d be sorely tempted to get myself along.

The fact that we even have one of our own players who could potentially not travel there because of the political situation between Armenia and Baku is another damming indictment of this decision to host there. Hang your heads UEFA, hang your heads.

Anyway, there are more important things to worry about in life, so I’m moving on. Well, not moving anywhere at this moment in time because I’m stuck in Stansted airport. But such is life.

Have a good Saturday and I might catch you tomorrow.