So we all know that today is the launch of the new Arsenal home kit and with Adidas back in the saddle, it’ll be infinitely better than what Puma served us up, because they set a pretty low bar it has to be said.

We also know this of course because of the countless leaks and video retweets that everyone has already seen and it’s fair to say that Adidas seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the Arsenal fans to acknowledge the history of the club and produce a kit which looks very similar to some of the best we’ve worn.

Now, that’s all well and good and we’re all excited, but let’s be honest here: there’s more that needs to be done to make Arsenal into one of the best again and that involves the players, the management and coaching staff, as well as the owner that we have.

Let’s not let a ‘shiny new thing’ detract from the gradual decline in competitiveness of Arsenal football club since Stan Kroenke took over. There will be plenty of fanfare with today’s launch and then when the away kit comes out, but as it stands, we have a Europa League standard team wearing it next season. Arguably we’re already weaker because of the exit of Ramsey as well as other senior players like Welbeck et al.

That can be readdressed through signings or through promotion of players that are good enough to step up. But there needs to be a clear plan, a clear strategy and a clear direction the team is going this summer and in to the new season, because the euphoria of a nice and swanky looking new kit – and it is a nice and swanky looking new kit by the way – will only last so long.

The message is clear: make Arsenal more competitive again.

But whilst that message is aimed at the coaching and players who will don said sexy kit, there is a stronger message aimed in another direction that none should lose sight of:

Stan Kroenke and KSE: YOU need to stand up too.

This isn’t a message about spunky £500million on new players. I don’t think many are expecting that and I’m not too sure too many want it that way. This is about being clear on the vision for the club, communicating that to the world, then backing up words with actions.

What we have right now is nothing and so we hear only whispers through back channels. And frankly it isn’t good enough. We need to see a direction for The Arsenal.

Is that by bringing in the best identifiers of young talent and catching them early? We thought that was the case with Sven but that seems to have been thrown out the window.

Is that by aiming for short term investment with the view that we get to the Champions League and then grow a little more organically? At the moment it feels unlikely but I don’t think it would take too much to see Arsenal become more competitive on the pitch. At the moment the £40million feels like a bit of an insult if I’m honest. An insult because we all know Arsenal warn significant revenues and right now it doesn’t feel like many of those are being reinvested. How do we know they aren’t being siphoned off to the US? Probably not but how do we know? It’s not as if there has been much transparency or communication from KSE and so once again we find ourselves speculating.

Be transparent. Tell people what is happening and what the long term plan is? Right now it doesn’t feel like there is one other than to hope we are part of the European Super League elite when it does eventually happen.

That’s what we as Arsenal fans should be asking. That’s what we should be saying at this time. We can all enjoy the kit launch. We can all get back to the projected hope of what we might win in it. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Arsenal aren’t looking like a well run club with a plan right now.

Catch you all tomorrow.