How many of us are surprised with the performance yesterday? I bet there are few.

Unai Emery and his team absolutely 100% needed a win and after scoring a goal in the first half and weathering a storm from Wolves, it looked like we were trying to hold out for a one-niller, but the deserved equaliser that Wolves got was completely predictable and should be yet another nail in Unai Emery’s coffin.

He changed the side, he changed the formation again, and to me that is also a sign of a desperate man trying desperately to find a winning formula but failing on a weekly basis now. We’ve picked up two points from nine since the international break and with each game we are looking worse.

Wolves are not a complete bunch of wasters and it would be wrong to completely write them off, but at home against a mid table team, Arsenal should be winning these types of games. Yet for two weekends in a row we’ve seen them get worse and at times be outplayed by these smaller teams on our own pitch.

The Arsenal players are totally devoid of confidence. They don’t know what they are doing and they don’t really have any otters or style of play. They have a manager they don’t understand and most likely don’t believe in and the result of that is being outshot at home to Wolves. I feel like the fog has lifted on Emery and we’re all seeing him for what he is: an average manager who has no clue how to manage a team as big as Arsenal.

Yesterday’s press conference after the game pretty much summed it up. He was asked his thoughts and the quote that really stands out this morning was him saying that “tactically it worked”.

No. Just no. No it did not work, Unai, because having 25 shots to your ten, to being outplayed, to have players who look on their knees mentally, is not what “working tactically” is.

This guy is so out of his depth it’s embarrassing and after we lose next weekend to Leicester – which we will – the club have to fire him. You cannot see the boring style of football, the failure to win matches, the lack of communication skills in press conferences and on the training ground, bizarre substitutions, ostracising of players, and think that what he is trying to do is working.

Yesterday he took of Torreira for Saka and we totally lost shape. It’s not Saka’s fault but it’s another sign of a man who doesn’t have a clue. He gave a start to Özil who I thought played well enough, but he also played Ceballos and I thought the Spaniard was woeful. I know we all got excited when he arrived and at home to Burnley on his debut we all thought we had a player on our hands here, but he’s been bad ever since, so as it stands this loan spell is probably not going to look like a permanent deal anyway. He lost the ball, under hit passes and generally stank out our midfield. The midfield which feels a bit like a barren wasteland at the moment.

Wolves were better than us but they don’t have better players than us. This is happening every week and yesterday was a story that has been told all season. It’s boring. We’re boring. We have no identity and it is as a result of the manager we currently have.

The Arsenal board have to act. By the end of next weekend we will be nine points off a top four spot. NINE points. That’s terrible because when the Totts and Man United are losing their sh*t, we’re faltering too. After next weekend it’s going to feel like a big ask to get top four and with an international break after that, surely it would be perfect timing to pull the trigger and get somebody new in? We have to hope that is the case because right now I can’t see any way back for Emery. It’s not as if we’re playing well and being unlucky. We haven’t played well all season in the league.

Arsenal does not feel like a nice place right now and what I’m starting to see in the fan base is what we got to at the end of Wenger’s time in charge: apathy. People are all getting a bit ‘meh’ and I’m afraid that is the death knell of a manager’s career. Arseblog ran a poll last night and when I voted it was at 21,000 votes, with something like a 92% ratio of fans wanting him gone. That’s a pretty big straw poll but it appears he’s lost the fans now.

All that’s left is that he loses the board. Then we can move on without Unai Emery.

Catch you all tomorrow.