10 12, 2023

Profligate Arsenal come unstuck at Villa

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That one was a tough one to take yesterday, because as Arteta put it after the game, we were the better team and should have put the ball in the back of the net. We knew what we would get last night. Under the lights, on TV, Villa playing well at home and currently on [...]

6 12, 2023

Last-gasp Arsenal do ‘limbs’ against Luton

By |2023-12-06T07:44:00+00:00December 6th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, Mikel Arteta, premier league|0 Comments

Sometimes it's just good to start at the end and work backwards, which is what I think I'll do today, because last night as Declan Rice's 97th minute header hit the back of Luton's net, I let out a high pitch scream that woke the Management and the cat up from their slumbers in the [...]

12 11, 2023

Professional Arsenal deliver what we wanted against Burnley

By |2023-11-12T08:47:37+00:00November 12th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, premier league|1 Comment

Well it wasn’t quite the hammering that we saw against Sheffield United a few weeks back, but as expected Arsenal did the job at The Emirates yesterday against a struggling Burnley side. Pre game I wrote about how I expected them to be a little more progressive than the Burnley of old, I expected them [...]

9 11, 2023

Just the way we like it – routine and professional Arsenal win over Sevilla

By |2023-11-09T08:21:12+00:00November 9th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Attack, Champions League, Defence, gooners, Gunners, injuries, Match Review, Mikel Arteta|0 Comments

If you're going to describe the perfectly professional football match in the Champions League, you'd be hard pressed to describe it any better than how last night's 2-0 win against Sevilla played out. Even the score line itself looks like a comfortable one. A 1-0 result makes you think "ooh, it only takes one corner, [...]

2 11, 2023

Defeat at West Ham – It’s the manner rather than the result that irritates

By |2023-11-02T08:27:49+00:00November 2nd, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, League Cup, Match Review, Mikel Arteta, Rant|0 Comments

That was a pretty miserable night last night, if truth be told. I made the schlep all the way to the other side of London, to that soulless bowl of a stadium, having had to virtually sprint at every stage coming from West London as I had an over-running work event that I had to [...]

29 10, 2023

Arsenal and Eddie engage in a Sheffield mauling

By |2023-10-29T09:29:57+00:00October 29th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Attack, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, Mikel Arteta, premier league|0 Comments

“You’ll batter us today” was the quote I heard as I ordered my first pint yesterday. A Sheffield United fan had travelled down from Yorkshire with his mates and they had come for a day out rather than any expectation of an upset. Naturally my response was measured; a few pleasantries about never knowing and [...]

25 10, 2023

A solid away day for Arsenal in Seville

By |2023-10-25T08:10:22+01:00October 25th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Attack, Champions League, gooners, Gunners, Match Review|0 Comments

You'll have to bear with me today on the usual ramblings, because it was the mother-in-laws birthday yesterday and the whole family was down from the north for a meal. I thought I'd be able to slink off for the second half but that was not the case, so today's perception on the game last [...]

22 10, 2023

Arsenal deliver a game of one quarter to secure a draw against Chelsea

By |2023-10-22T09:33:51+01:00October 22nd, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Match Review, premier league, Rant, referees|1 Comment

We've had three draws this season and for a side who have aspirations on the title, you can look at that after nine games and without knowing any context think "hmm...that's not exactly the most amazing start". But, as with all things, context is everything and I don't think there is an Arsenal fan out [...]

9 10, 2023

Arsenal banish Man City hoodoo with superb defensive display

By |2023-10-09T07:57:40+01:00October 9th, 2023|analysis, Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, premier league|0 Comments

Tis a good morning to be an Arsenal fan today, eh? Yesterday's win over City - our first in the last seventeen attempts dating back to December 2015 when Theo Walcott got his 100th goal for The Arsenal and Matthieu Flamini started along with Joel Campbell - was hardly a 'classic that will go down [...]

4 10, 2023

Mistakes in both penalty boxes cost Arsenal at Lens

By |2023-10-04T08:22:59+01:00October 4th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Champions League, Defence, injuries, Match Review, Mikel Arteta|0 Comments

Morning folks. Hmm. That was a...frustrating....evening, methinks. In the immediate aftermath when I was annoyed that we'd lost to an RC Lens side that brought a decent level of press and a fanbase who were obviously super 'up for it' as a night in the Champions League that they hadn't had for 21 years (I [...]

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