Aaron Ramsey has a confession to make: he loves a bit of Coq behind him. 

Speaking to the official site, I think this was the second or third time that he has specifically referenced Francis Coquelin for singled out praise, talking about how much ground he covers and how many tackles he wins. It’s no surprise that Le Coq has won over the players as much as the fans: he’s been tenacious in the tackle ever since he got back from Charlton on loan. I’ve no idea what they did to him there. Probably just sent him out into deepest, darkest South London with a stab vest and a smile, but there you go. 

It is amazing Arsène seems to have stumbled upon the exact player we needed to add more balance to our midfield. Let’s not pretend that this was all part of an Arsène Wenger’s master plan here though; he literally ran out of midfield options and started firing off telegrams left, right and centre to clubs to see if we had any loaned out midfielders that he could pull back in to the team.

But it does go to show you how important it is to have that enforcer sitting at the base of the midfield. Now I have much respect for Arsène Wenger and there’s no doubt that he’s infinitely more qualified to lead the team that you and I support, but whilst 90% of the time we all suggest changes in personnel/type of players that don’t work out, 10% of the time we cry out for a certain type of player and it’s the general consensus that is proved right. 

I think that’s happened in the Coquelin instance. We’ve all cried out for a tough tackling enforced and now that we’ve got one we’re more solid defensively and players like Ramsey have admitted that it gives them more confidence when they’re venturing forward. Let’s not pretend that it is that type of player that has always been on Arsène’s mind, because if that were true we’d have gone for a shinier diamond than Flamini two seasons ago.

But hey, we have the positive formula now, we’re winning games and as far as I’m concerned that’s all that matters. Whether by fortune or design, it is Arsène Wenger’s formula he has found and it’s concocting a fabulous brew at the moment.

Speaking of the partaking of fabulous brews, who’s been a naughty boy by being pictured in a German nightclub living it up just after declaring that he had a sniff or two?


Hey, I’ve no doubt that he would have had some sort of illness, because he’s a man in form and he looks to be enjoying himself at the moment. But even so, it was just a little bit silly to be snapped in a nightclub just after being declared unfit to travel up to Newcastle. I know this is a story that is classic ‘nothing else to talk about’ tabloid trash, which is why I’m taking such a light-hearted approach, but I bet Arsène gets wind of this information and roles his eyes on a regular basis with his players when they do silly things like that. Actually, Arsène’s probably just pleased it wasn’t Jack again, because there’s only so many times he can put someone in detention before calling the parents.

I know they are only young fellas and Lord knows I’d probably succumb to a bit of nightclubbing and a boogie if I had time and money on my hands, but I’d like to think I’d be wary of the desire of others to make stories like this out of nothing, so giving it an extra 24 hours before going out would have been more prudent.

Having said that, if it was a ‘one night only old skool garage classics’ featuring DJ Luck and MC Neat, that would probably explain the desire of the German. Maybe I should research the acts on at the club before I judge. 

Anyway, there seems to be little else on at the moment bar an analysis of Arsenal’s best tackles this season, which appears far too rife for euphemism for my liking and subsequently too easy a challenge for me to even start. So I shall once more descend into the depths of the London Underground for a day of proverbial pen pushing and see you tomorrow.