After Chelski’s win yesterday all but confirmed them as Champions, I’m preferring to look on the positive side of life, rather than accept that evil has prevailed this Premier League season.

For example, when Chelski beat Crystal Palace this weekend (and we know they will with Palace safely tucked away in mid table), there will still be three weeks before the end of the season. Nobody will care by then that the axis of evil that is petro dollar, the world’s most annoying Portuguese (came close with Ronaldo), as well as a team led by a racist tosser of a human, has picked up silverware. In fact, we’ll all have forgotten that the most dislikable team in history are champions.

Secondly, this Chelski team will go down as champions, but nobody will remember anything about this season in five years time. I can live with that.

Thirdly, once the weekend’s results are completed and the plastic chavs have had their crowing in workplaces across London, all eyes will focus on the FA Cup final and the remaining Champions League places. That’ll do for me.

So all-in-all, there are many reasons to be cheerful at the moment. Theo certainly thinks so too. He’s labelled us the best team in the world in 2015. As much as I love the sentiment from him and as much as it’s true we are one of the best teams, if you look at that Monaco result as well as the fact that Barcelona have picked up more points in winning their league, we have to concede that we’re playing second fiddle to the catalan’s at the moment. 

Having said that, we are still the team in form in England, which certainly bodes well for next season if we can maintain our momentum. That’s why the next five league games and one cup final are so important. They are important for the context of morale and the belief that progress has been made – finishing second in the league would certainly suggest that – but also in terms to taking momentum in to next season. Remember 20112/13? We had a brilliant end to the season which secured Champions League football over that lot down the road, but what it also did was build a platform for us to start the following season strongly, which we most certainly did. That’s what we need to do next season and I feel the only way we can carry that momentum into it will be victories over Hull, Swansea, Sunderland and West Brom. If we get that we could even afford a loss at Old Trafford and still finish second. Then we have an FA Cup final to play and if we win that then you have to say he season has been a success.

But we simply must maintain our form. The players all seem up for it. As Theo alluded to, the competition in the squad is strong at the moment, which means the players are fighting hard to win a place and harder to retain it. That’s the blueprint for a successful modern Premier League squad. Players have to know that the other guy is taking their jersey and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an Arsenal team that has had that in such abundance before. The Invincibles didn’t. They had eleven of the best players in the world in their position with a few class players in rotation, but we’re able to stay fit, in the main. Today’s game does seem to allow for that as much and so a modern Arsenal team needs to be a squad of 18 or 19 first team outfield players at least. By my reckoning we’ve got more than that. So I’m happy right now.

I think that’s pretty much it from me today. Stay positive in the wake of some dark Premier League times gooners, we can all stick together – us and the fans of 18 other clubs in solidarity – and not let the evil overcome us.