Regardless of where any bodies political allegiances lie after the UK general election, for a big chunk of Arsenal fans, they’d probably have given up voting rights for the most important ballot success this week: the FA Cup Final ticket allocation allowance today. Good luck to all of you who are in it to win it today, I hope you are made happy.

For me, the only ‘fallout’ from ‘Fallout Friday’ is the announcement of who’s fit to face Swansea on a Monday night. Much like the exit polls for yesterday evening, there appear to be differing opinions that are circulating last night and this morning. Some are suggesting, for example, that The Ox is fit despite Arsène saying on the official website that he is not available. Apparently he trained with the first team last week and so Le Boss’ comments are somewhat confusing. That is, unless you are aware of the context of the current competition in the squad, as well as Arsène’s widely known assertion in the past that he sometimes has held players back citing injury just to protect them from the media sensationalism of saying they’ve been dropped.

I don’t think that is the case with The Ox, but I do wonder if Arsène has told him that with the team playing the way it is at the moment and winning games, he’ll have to ‘get in line’ like Gibbs and Wilshere. In that sense, if he’s unlikely to make the bench for Monday night, there’s no point in telling the press he is available and then leading them to concoct a story about a falling out if he doesn’t make the Matchday squad.

Ramsey is a minor doubt to make that squad, but with Swansea comfortably in mid table and our players high in confidence, I would hope that Arsène feels he doesn’t need to take any chances and gives rotation a try in a few days time. I saw a few guys talking about Theo effectively being given a ‘last chance’ by playing against Swansea at home, and if he were to not be picked for that type of game, then he’s almost certainly got no future at Arsenal. I can see the logic there. There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ game in the Premier League, but a team with little to play for at the end of the season, is the closer you’re going to get. If Theo can’t be trusted there, when, and where can he be trusted at all in the managers eyes.

Welbeck still remains sidelined, which is a shame because I do wonder if he too might have been fancied to start up top, but we can speculated more on that over the coming days. 

As things stand, a draw at Stamford Bridge for Liverpool would secure top four mathematically and a draw for Palace at home to Man United would see third place guaranteed if we can beat Swansea, so we could be in the charming position of automatic qualification once this round of games is completed. This pleases Chris very much. It also means we at least have some vested interest in the weekend’s action, so at least we all won’t be completely bored!

Finally, how about the news that Tony Adams fancies running Villa, eh? Him and Tim arm-in-arm, it’s a soundbite-salivating wet dream for the British media. It’d be like giving a loaded gun to a three year old, which is why I’d be well up for it! 

Anyway, I’m off to find a beretta, so you have fun doing whatever you like to do.