Seems I jumped the proverbial gun yesterday with regards to the end of the international break, but thankfully now we all know that  the dreaded ‘interlull’ is behind us after last nights matches, we can start to worry fully about who will play against Watford and what form they will come into the game on.

By and large it appears to have been a successful interlull. Last night Ramsey scored the first goal of a somewhat parade-like game between Wales and Andorra. It was a nice and scrappy one in at the back post too, which are sometimes as satisfying as the 25 yard screamers. It’s interesting because the position he took up at the back post felt very similar to the one at home against United where he failed to score. I don’t want to start putting two and two together to make eighty-eight, but if he’s looking at getting in to the six yard box at the back post to score more scrappy goals then I’m all for it. I don’t recall too many of his goals over the last few years as being as poachery as that one and I don’t remember him appearing in that back post position too often before this season, but with him being given licence to roam whilst operating on that side right position for us, it seems he likes a little back post effort. Against Liverpool he also scored a very good (incorrectly disallowed) goal by occupying a back post position, although it was a little further out, but it bodes well for us if he can find his finishing range I’m sure. 

That’s the only part of his game that he seems to have had difficulty recapturing since his blinding season of two years ago, but Arsène has already said he wants more goals from the midfielders and although he would not single anyone out, I’m pretty sure he would have been looking in the direction of Rambo.

And Mesut. He seems to have found a bit of form for club and country, having assisted a goal against Georgia which off the back of his United performance would have given him more confidence. I think we’re about to see some big things from Özil. He seems poised for a stepping up in his impact. Personally, I love him and I think he’s been valuable since we signed him, but the media and ‘pundits’ have had it in for him. I suspect what we’ll see more of now is that recognition by pundits of what he brings to this Arsenal team. Ice cool in possession, vision that possibly outstrips Arsenal Fabregas, plus now he is off the mark with goals we might even see a bit more ruthlessness in front of goal. 

I hope so. If he bags a few goals over the coming months we’ll soon see the media pipe down over his ‘impact’, which is crazy really, because it feels like all they do is watch Match of the Day highlights instead of viewing a game as a whole. Heaven forbid we get analysts who actually analyse…

It doesn’t look, upon early inspection, as though we have any injuries to speak of. Which is very strange because a host of other Premier League teams seem to have picked up knocks. Silva, Aguero, Ivanovic, all limping off in games. Far but it for me to be seen to be taking any pleasure in injuries, but if this helps to wobble Chelski even more and City too, then it’s all the better for us. Let’s just wait until we hear from Arsène to declare a full bill of health before we crack open the bubbly first though, eh?

Finally before I toddle off for the day, let’s all engage in a bit of collective Schadenfreude with regards to Robin van Persie’s plight, shall we? Not only is he toiling in Turkey with a manager who won’t bow down to his tantrums by keeping him on the bench, not only is he visibly unhappy, not only is he reduced to a substitutes role for his national team, but last night he even nodded in the third goal for the Czech Republic to ensure The Netherlands failed to even make the playoffs for next summers Euros. 

I hear that in many ways, he disagreed with the difection in which the Dutch were shooting, wanting ‘you guys, the fans’ to know why he has cost his team a place at next summers tournament. 

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

And on that note, I’m offski, so I’ll catch you on the flip side (whatever the devil that means).