I really hope that Per Mertesacker hasn’t been taking PR lessons from Djourou or Denilson, because as I flicked across to Arsenal.com to see what was going on, I saw two articles featuring him in the aftermath of the Bayern defeat. Can’t they all just go into media lock down? I like it when that happens. No “we must learn our lessons, or “we need to be braver“, and I’m not even that fussed about how we need to bounce back quickly or words to that effect. I’d rather the glorious silence after a game like Wednesday’s. Perhaps it’s a personal preference in which I’m on my own, but silence and stewing works much better for me. Build the rage and unleash – in a controlled and non red-cardy fashion – it against the Spuds. If Bayern’s draw to Frankfurt and defeat to us was the catalyst for their enhanced performance in midweek, let this game on Sunday afternoon be the catalyst for our rage at the weekend. 

It is the league where our main focus lies and if that means sacrifice in the Champions League, then you’ll nee find a Gooner anywhere who wouldn’t take that in a heartbeat. I want to taste the glory of a Premier League trophy. It’s been too long.

We just need to not eff it up at this stage, which is why the North London Derby takes on added significance; in the wake of a short term injury crisis we could find ourselves coming out on top with players returning, or further adrift of the oil whores from Manchester.

People have been making a lot of noise about the lack of squad depth and yes, perhaps we aren’t capable of fighting on multiple fronts, but if we win on Sunday and are level or ahead on points with Moneychester City by the time the international break is done, we’ll be in an excellent position with players returning.

We’ll know more about the team news from Le Boss’ presser later today, but rather than that, for a change I’m more interested in what he says about competing on multiple fronts with the squad we have. I don’t expect him to defend Wednesday’s performance, but I do wonder if he’ll take the view that priority number one is the Premier League and that is why Koscienly didn’t play. He will never say he threw in the towel against Munich, but it did look that way at times and when you’re bringing Iwobi and Gibbs on for key players, you know he’s looking at the league this season as the one he wants.

Good. It’s the one I want too. I want to be there at the last league home game of the season as we lift the trophy. I was at Uni when we went unbeaten and was in the midst of taking my final year exams so completely missed out on the glory at Highbury. I have been a season ticket holder for a number of years now and I’ve always been regretful that I haven’t been able to taste that success. I want it now though and if Arsène was to shrug off every competition in pursuit of it, I’d be more than happy.

I loved Wembley. I loved the day out and I loved the lifting of a trophy. But that feeling of being able to say “Arsenal are the best team in the country” simply cannot be matched. 

Go on Arsène, go for it.