Nothing is fun about this morning for me. Yes it’s Friday, for which I am thankful, but that I drag myself in to work after a boozy night in which I needed to be at a work function, supporting an organisations awards in which my company get involved in, is particularly vexing for me this morning. I’m tired, I’m slightly hungover and to cap it all off, there isn’t any Arsenal on this weekend with which I can distract said afflictions of. It’s all very unsavoury and inconvenient. Oh, and I have a tube driver who’s favourite past time appears to be slamming on the breaks every time he gets to a station. Happy days.

All this is to say that there isn’t really any proper Arsenal news to speak of. Although I suppose that’s a good thing, because if there was stuff to be talking about, it would probably be of injuries to players sustained whilst on international duty. And none of us wants to hear that.

There is something on the official site about Danny Welbeck. Remember him? We might remember him from such football games as “Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal: home grown lad returns to haunt” and “The Galatasaray hat trick” from last season. He’s been out of action for a fair old while, but has told the official site gents that he can’t wait to get back to playing. Which is just as well really, as he’s paid millions to do it, so it would be nice to see him again.

Ooh man, my eyes are stinging…

Anyway, Welbeck’s return would be a welcome one when it happens, because he’s a very good option for us to have and having seen Theo get a shot as a centre forward, he’ll most likely feel quite buoyed at the possibility of getting a chance in his favoured position up top. He’s a decent player who looks like he’s just one final bit of polishing away from being a world class striker. He’s got pace, energy, movement and application, it’s just his composure in front of goal that has suffered at times. 

Having been out for what will essentially be nine months by the time he does come back, he will need a while to rediscover his best form though. In a football world where everything has to happen right now, it’s easy to expect a player to have an instant impact, but assuming he’s back in January, I’d be surprised if we see the best of Welbeck until at least March. And that’s if he plays regularly, which I think it’s safe to say he won’t, given our squad options. So if we get any major contribution from him this season, we should probably just see it as a bonus, like Tomas Rosicky’s usual January purple patch each season.

Right, that’s about as much as I can handle for one day, I’m offski.