Today is being billed by Arsenal Twitter as #TeamWilshere versus #TeamRamsey, as Wales take on England and I take on my business to ensure I secure a longer than usual lunch hour, along with most of the gents in my office. Probably.

The reality is that as long as they both don’t break each other’s legs in a tackle and can survive this game and the subsequent matches to come, then we should be alright and we can just enjoy the match. I don’t think Wilshere will start anyway. I think Roy keeps his team as they were against Russia and so Rooney plays in his place. Were Jack to be fully fit though, I don’t think he wouldn’t start. I’d also rather have him in the midfield than Ramsey. I just think Wilshere offers more. He’s technically more gifted, is better on the ball, links play better. What he doesn’t have as much as Rambo is that I don’t think he covers as much ground and he certainly isn’t as big a goal threat. It should be a good game and will go a long way to defining which teams are going through to the next round.

That is of course unless UEFA step in and ban England from the tournament. Apparently there were more scuffles with police last night. I’m English, I’d like to see them do well, but there’s a part of me that thinks a ban would be helpful. It’d piss off the whole nation and those idiots who started rucks would be realising that they’ve contributed wholly to a nations shame and sadness. That is, of course, assuming that it was pockets of England fans who were to blame for the violence to start with. How the authorities can prove that conclusively is something I couldn’t quite tell you. 

There would be one upside to an early England exit, which would be that Jamie Vardy finally makes up his mind one way or another, and if he does so in favour of Leicester at least we can move on and find somebody else to spearhead the Arsenal attack next season. My hopes – as unlikely as they are to be – would be that Spain stay in the competition long enough for Vardy to declare and we go after Morata, before Chelski inevitably snap him up. That’d be a weird series of events. As a result of a Leicester player with no resale value whatsoever rejecting Arsenal, we go out and buy a more expensive, potentially better signing, in Morata. Yes please, sir.

I watched the French last night against Albania. They scraped by, didn’t they, eh? It wasn’t exactly the best of games and despite my own issues with Giroud at times last season, I thought he did OK, but being booed off by the people in Marseille? Didn’t get that. He was unlucky with one header off the post and if it had been just a wee bit to the right he’d have been a hero. Instead, they booed him off and cheered on Gignac, who just looked to me to be a less polished version of Giroud! I don’t get the French sometimes. They’re a weird bunch. But I guess given I’ve supported a team full of French players for the last 20 years, you’d have thought I’d be a bit more used to the temperamental side of them!

In the afternoon game Switzerland drew 1-1 with Romania and although I didn’t watch the game myself, by all accounts it appears as though Granit Xhaka had another great game in midfield. You’ve got to give credit to Arsenal where credit is due here, because it appears at the moment as though he might be a player who’s value is only going to increase, if he keeps putting on man-of-the-match performances. Getting it done before the Euro’s is a brilliant piece of business and it’s also giving Arsenal fans some time to get excited about our new signing and the impact he’ll make at the club. If Switzerland get to the quarter finals and he Is the star, you would have also expected plenty of teams to be knocking on Monchengladbach’s door with a big wedge of cash, so this £30million odd is looking good money right at this moment in time.

Right, that’s it from me. Have a good one.