The fallout from the Euro’s is still continuing in Blighty and the papers are dominated with post-mortems on the future of the English national team and a new manager. In a way, as Elliott the Yankee Gunner intimated on his timeline, it’s nice that there’s a bit of a meltdown going on that doesn’t involve Arsenal or Arsène Wenger. I’m sure that will soon follow, as the clicks start to dry up and the media look again to those fanbases with enough volumes to satisfy their search for everlasting advertising revenues, they’ll return to some grade A Arsenal click-baiting though. It’s easy pickings for them.

But for now, it’s nice not to have Arsenal centre of attention, something which I’m sure is echoed in the Arsenal PR team.

Actually, now that I think about it, there is a way in which the journos have been able to weave something in to stories that are Arsenal-related, because some are saying this morning that Arsène Wenger is their choice to take over as the next England manager. I’d personally chalk that one up as ‘spurious at best’, but at least it’s taking the interest level up a notch from the medias perspective. I can’t see how it has any legs though. Arsène’s never broken a contract and he won’t do it now. He’s already said ‘no’ to the England job and international jobs in general. He is a ‘hands on’ manager. He likes the daily grind of it all and so taking charge of a team that he only meets up with once every couple of months for a few days, wouldn’t exactly be his cup of tea, so I can’t really see that happening in any way, shape or form. The FA will make a ‘safe’ appointment in somebody like Southgate. It’s what they do.

In actual Arsenal-related news, it appears as though Tony Adams has finally been brought back in within the folds of the club, to get involved with the under-18s. I think he’s going to be assistant manager, but whatever his role, it’s great to have somebody who is so very Arsenal to have a place at the club. He hasn’t been involved since he retired and I know for a fact that he hasn’t exactly been Arsène’s favourite at the club since he hung up his boots. He’s quite an outspoken chap and so I wonder if anybody has had any words and asked him to play by club rules if he wants in?

Whatever the reasons for his arrival back at the club, it should be welcomed, because for so many of us he is a hero. He’s devoted so much of his life to the club and he will bring a desire to those younger players that they’ve probably never seen before.

There’s really not a lot else going on I’m afraid. The transfer juggernaught is in full swing and we’re getting three or four variations on strikers we could sign. It’s all becoming rather tedious already and we still have at least another six weeks of it until Arsenal are back in conpetitive action. I guess it’s time to batten down the hatches and wait for the transfer rubbish to blow over. But I have a feeling it’s going to be a long summer.

Later people’s.