Yesterday I partook in some boating with the family, then I went to a quiz night which felt more like when my mum used to drag me along to her polymath evenings she did back when she was teaching, so I am very thankful that today’s technology allowed me to watch Germany versus Italy instead of paying attention during the music round.

The game itself wasn’t exactly a classic, was it? I mean, at least it had goals, but there have been better games in this competition. Not a lot of better games mind, and the general lack of desire by so many teams to actually try and win football matches has been sad, which was also reflected in the way the game set up yesterday. Italy knew they weren’t better than the Germans. They knew they would need to try to grind this out and perhaps either sneak a goal or do it on penalties. They also had this weird hoodoo over the Germans, with der Mannschaft having never actually beaten Italy in tournament football before, which I find staggering, given the pedigree of the Germans in tournament football. 

But they did it, and by George wasn’t I happy about it, claiming my German heritage and fist-pumping first as Özil scored, but then as every German penalty went in. The Germans deserved that. They were the better team. They were the ones who were intent on trying to win the game and not just contain. They should have won it in extra time thanks to our man Özil with a fine finish. But instead Jerome Boateng had his brain-fart moment and decided that his hands needed to be as high as possible when the ball struck his arm in the box. That was the lifeline the Italians had dreamed about. I’m just thankful it didn’t end up costing Mesut et al.

So they march on and surely they march into an encounter with the French, who provided they don’t go all wobbly like England did against the Icelandics, will beat their opponents tonight. If expect Giroud and Koscielny both to play and I don’t know why, but I reckon Olivier has a goal in him tonight. He will be given service and up against the deep-lying Icelandic defence, he won’t be tasked with getting in behind their back four, so it’s the type of game that should suit his style of football. If he doesn’t score, I fancy him to be involve if France do get goals, through knock downs, etc.

So let’s see how this evening goes and let’s see if the French can overcome the plucky Icelanders. Get your facts book out, because the commentary will be laced with information elaborating on the size of Iceland’s population.

On the Arsenal front there isn’t really anything else. It seems lots of activity is starting to stir and Mourinho is beginning to do what he does best, which is to spunk absolutely tonnes of somebody else’s money. I just hope Arsenal begin to make some moves, because as soon as the tournament is over there’ll be meltdown if it looks like we’re not making moves to improve the squad. Come on Arsène, pull something special out of the bag.

Right, that’s me done for the day, so I’ll be orf. I’ve got a christening to go to. Adios amigos!