This has got to be a wind up, right? Arsenal linked with Johnny Evans? AS in, former United squad player, deemed surplus to requirements, plays in a pretty average West Brom side, Johnny Evans. But that we’re linked, that we’re even linked, isn’t even the punchline.

£16million. THAT’S the punchline.

I don’t even know where to go with rumours like that on a hungover Sunday morning. Well, it’s sort of Sunday morning, as I type with a mere thirty minutes of the morning left. But if Johnny Evans is the best the papers can come up with, perhaps I should just write Sunday off, go back to bed and start over from Monday. Suffice to say, I don’t think there are many folks in Goonerdom who would be pleased with that move. You’re better giving Chambers or Holding a shot at becoming a first team regular. Tony Adams was Arsenal captain at 21, so why can’t we have one of those two break through and become one of our main centre halves for the next ten years?

We’ve also seen Jamie Vardy crawl out of the woodwork and tell the world it was easy to reject Arsenal for Leicester. These footballers, eh? I’ve got to say I find it amusing when you read them say things like “I’ve got unfinished business” and “I love the club” blah, blah, blah. In the interview Vardy says he never spoke to Arsenal, which is hilarious given that the whole world knows he was at the training ground and was shown around the facilities. What? Did he just accidentally take the wrong turn one day and wind up in London Colney, so thought “well, I’m here, might as well have a nose around. Won’t talk to anybody though”. If anybody is naive enough to believe that clap-trap, then I’ve got some genuine magic bens that I could sell them.

Vary is old news and hopefully, if we can bring in another striker, he’ll be forgotten about as quickly as he was talked about. Arsene was at the PSG vs Leicester game and watched Mahrez yesterday, but I doubt he was doing so with any intention to place a bid. I just don’t think we’re interested. It feels like this has all become a rouse to ensure Mahrez gets a better deal, whilst Ranieri feeds him the old “give me one more year”. As Arsenal fans, we know all about that sort of activity, and Ranieri has essentially already said as much himself. It would be a win-win for Leicester. They keep the player for another season, the fans are on side until next summer, plus, if he has a good 2016/17, he’ll be able to whack an extra £10million on to his asking price.

That would of course completely rule us out of the running, but if Mahrez has eyes on a Barca, Juve, Bayern or Madrid, then he’ll not mind that one bit. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I think the Mahrez to Arsenal deal is about as likely to happen as me running of President of the United States. Although it does feel like any old mug can put themselves forward for that role these days.

Aside from that, there’s not a lot on. Arsenal play in the early hours of this morning again, which means we’ll get little snippets of info over here in the UK, before waking up to the news of the next first teamer who’s knobbled themselves and is out for the season. Let’s just hope the players all get through the workout without any major problems.

A short one from me, as I’m off to find some paracetamol. Laters.