Arsenal are well-known globally and they have a fan base that stretches across every continent. Here are five signs you’re a Gooners fan. Let us know in the comments how many signs you recognized.

  1. When you hear “The Invincibles” you know we’re not talking about Preston North End. For those unaware, Arsenal were dubbed “The Invincibles” after completing the 2003-04 Premier League season undefeated (26-12-0).

    Arsenal haven’t won the Premier League since the incredible undefeated season. Rivals such as Manchester United continue racking up the trophies, but guess what? Only the Gooners have a golden trophy.

  2. You miss Highbury. Arsenal Stadium was where the Gooners played in Highbury, North London between 1913 and 2006. A ton of legends poured their blood, sweat and tears into bringing Arsenal glory at Highbury.

    There’s no doubt that the Emirates is a much better stadium for today, but every Gooners fan that’s old enough to remember Highbury will get a little nostalgic every time they think of their memories at the stadium.

  3. We all still hate Robin Van Persie for abandoning us after we suffered through so much. The constant injuries that kept him off the field were fine, but taking off to Manchester United after one healthy season? Unforgivable.

    Speaking of players us Gooners fan hate with a passion. Who here doesn’t hate Sam Nasri? He’s another traitor, but not only that, he regularly talked poorly about Arsenal supporters after his move to Manchester City.

  4. We strongly believe in the curse of the #9. The curse starts back in Arsene Wenger’s first year (1996-97) when the #9 jersey was worn by Paul Merson. Merson left after Wenger’s first year, as he chased the money at Middlesbrough.

    Nicolas Anelka wore #9 next and the youngster had all of the potential in the world. However, we was sold two years after joining the club. Anelka’s career slowly fell apart, while #9 remains cursed on Arsenal.

    Will #9 remained cursed throughout Arsenal history? Based on Arsenal’s transfer luck, the team may have a better chance winning the USA lottery than signing a #9 that’ll pan out.

  5. We always remember and constantly remind other fans that we were the first team in North London. Tottenham was in Middlesex until incorporated into Greater London back in 1965. Although, explaining this to a Spurs fan is torture.

What are some other signs you’re an Arsenal fan?

The Gooners are sitting 2nd place on the Premier League this season (2016-17) behind Man City. Could this be the year that Arsenal break the drought and win the Premier League trophy for the first time in over a decade? We’re only nine games into the campaign, but Arsenal are sitting on 20 points with a 6-2-1 record.

Theo Walcott leads the team in scoring this season with 5 goals in 9 matches. Alexis Sanchez (4), Mesut Ozil (3), Santi Cazorla (2) and Laurent Koscielny (2) all have scored multiple goals already too.

If you’re a fan of Arsenal you have to be liking how they’ve looked on the pitch. The question now is whether they can maintain their play throughout the entire campaign. They don’t have a transfer budget like Man City, but Arsenal are talented enough to win the league.