Not a lot going on for us today, eh folks? I mean sure, i’ll be you’re filling your day with all manner of interesting things, but i’d be surprised if they are Arsenal-related thing, what with us not playing until Saturday evening against Liverpool. Me? I’m going to see if you really can get a mega deal on a posh hotel somewhere and enjoy a saturday afternoon of some drinks and wandering around a place i’ve never been to before. I am envisaging that I’ll be phoning up a swanky hotel and metaphorically dangling a sweet, crisp fifty pound note (not that I EVER actually have those, mind) in front of a hotel that normally charges £300 a night, for them to desperately grab at it because they’d rather have the cash now than leave the room unempty.

“Here it is Mr Hotelier. Here’s my fifty. Say ‘bye-bye fifty’…….(puts on baby’s voice) ‘bye-bye Mr Hotelier. Oh how I wish y0u would take me”

Or something like that. The reality is probably that I’ll get nowhere near the super-awesome-mega deal that I’m after. But might as well try.

As for Arsenal, the only trying they’ll be doing today is trying not to watch any TV i’d imagine, because by the end of this weekend’s fixtures I think we’re going to be playing catch up along with United. Usually I don’t mind having the old ‘game in hand’, but when you think that ours was due to be against Southampton away in which – recent FA Cup game aside – we have a terrible record at, it’s not exactly one i’m looking forward to. And seeing Stoke and Mark Hughes roll over and having their bellies tickled by a Tiny Totts side who are sure to want to bounce back from their humiliating Europa League Cup exit isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Chelsea will smash the living hell out of Swansea at home and Leicester are in disarray after the Ranieri sacking, so Liverpool will be quite happy to play them at the King Power right now, so I’m hardly holding out for some kind of miracle that doesn’t see us playing catch up this time next week. And with the game we’ve got next week it hardly fills you with uber delight, does it?

Sorry, the tone of my blogs over the last few months been a bit like the team, drab, of late. Perhaps that’s just the mood of the fanbase at the moment. But these things never last forever, do they? I’ve felt a bit down on the team before and i’ve felt up on the team before, and i’ll probably feel down about the team again in the future. Football is as cyclical as the little round thing they boot in between those posts. Well, not enough times for our liking!

So what’s the best we can hope for this weekend? Ignore Chelski, because they’re running away with it and have the league sewn up, but if Charlie Adam could just force Deli Alli in to some kind of rage spiral for which he could never come out, that would be nice. Or if Jamie Vardy could dive in the box to incense Matip/Lovren so much that they combine to double drop kick him and therefore face a suspension, where upon Coutinho and Lallana both bundle on top of Vardy afterwards to also miss out when we play them next weekend, that would be a happy ending to the weekend’s footballing festivities.

Heck, at this stage i’ll just take anything that clings on to the hope that the remainder of the season isn’t going to be a slow and depressing march in to mediocrity as the manager finally sails off in to the sunset. If he could just come out, announce that he’s thinking about calling it a day, so everybody could just get behind the team and hopefully give him one final hurrah of finishing in the top four and an FA Cup, I would bite yer hand off for that all day long. And yer arm. And yer other arm. And both yer legs. In fact, just stick yer whole self in the oven and let me chow down, because right now that seems like most utopian outcome for the season.

Right, that’s enough from me for one day, and i’ll possibly hold fire on another set of mind-numbing ramblings tomorrow too. I’m sure you’re all the gladder for it!!