Went to bed early last night and as a result, didn’t catch the final whistle of the United game, but as I’m sure you’ll tell me that’s no real loss because by the sounds of it, it was a drab affair.

Imagine that? A Mourinho team going away from home and shutting up shop for another bore draw? Didn’t see that one coming…

At least there was some good news, which is that we don’t have to deal with the pointy elbows of Fellaini for our game against them next weekend. His headbutt on Aguero has ensured a three game ban and that means he won’t make the trip to the Emirates. Coupled that with Ibra also missing and I’d like to tell you that it’s an advantage for us. But having seen an injury decimated United turn us over on their patch last season, I can’t say I’m that confident, and I doubt we’ll be on a winning run by then. Although I would Kevin Keegan style ‘luv it’ if we were.

That’s because as we all know we have possibly the hardest North London Derby this weekend that we’ve ever had. Why? Because:

  • That lot are on a winning run and arguably the best team in the league right now
  • We’re still not ‘all guns blazing’ with this new formation
  • Our confidence is still probably slightly shaky 
  • We don’t win big games away from home

I’m sure when Arsène takes to his seat for this mornings press conference he’ll be a little more upbeat than I, but deep down he must know that three points is a tall ask. They have a good record at home and as I said above, we just don’t away, so for us to bag a victory the pendulum of probability needs to do some almighty swinging.

There’s also a nervous wait for him to confirm whether Koscielny is fit, having looked nobbled against Leicester on Wednesday and if he isn’t in the squad for Sunday, that’s a hammer blow. I feel like Gabriel and Holding have been performing well but that Koscielny is the glue in that three man defence, so to have him missing means we’ll probably be downgrading to sticky plaster with either the return of Mustafi or even Big Per. And that’s a Big Per who Arsène hasn’t trusted all season. Although as I type this I am forgetting the option of Monreal, but would you feel comfortable with a back three of Gabs, Holding and Nacho? Up against Harry ‘always f*cking scores against, the chunky crayon eating c*nt’ Kane? 

No. Thank. You.

There will also need to be the question asked about Welbeck vs Giroud and please god no Theo. It’ll be hard enough as it is on Sunday without us reducing ourselves to ten men before we’ve even kicked a ball. But Welbeck has been making an impact so I wonder if the temptation will be there? We might get an indication from Arsène today.

Any way you look at it, this is going to make for some uncomfortable viewing I think, no matter what anybody says about ‘form going out the window’ for derbies. I’ve always found that seems to work more for other teams than us. Them lot have always been more up for it than we have, but some might say that’s because we’ve always been the better team and knew it, whereas this time the tables are most certainly turned. It would be nice for the Totts to treat us with no respect and be complacent but I sadly just don’t see it. That’s always been more likely to happen with our group of players.

Perhaps that’s because they’ve existed in a more polished version of the world as a result of being at Arsenal? Sometimes when you live in opulence it can cause complacency. Especially at a young age. Let me know on that though, eh?

Still, on a slightly more exciting note, at least we know when Wembley tickets are on sale. And at least The FA have somewhat reacted to fan outrage every season by granting an additional 3,000 tickets to fans. It’ll make the final 6,000 times more lively, so that can only be a good thing.

Also, there’s the Emirates Cup to look forward to in the summer…..hmm…..

Well, that’ll be it from me. I shall leave you in peace for another day and hope yours is as good as a Rocky Rocastle finish that hits the underside of the crossbar and goes in off a ‘keeper.